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    MVC 4 into core conversion difficulties

    Hi All,

    As per our client request, I am going to convert our MVC 4 application into ASP.Net core. What are all the common development and deployment difficulties that may occur during conversion process? Please provide your valuable suggestions on this.

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    Simiyon A
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    Hi, 5 we called as Core, the structure / architect is different for both Core and MVC 4, if you want to Migrate from MVC to Core you have to put efforts while implement code and build the solution.

    usually for Migration, similar type of structure only we are Migrated for example MVC 4 to MVC5, so it won't give much problem at that time, because structure remains same in that aspect but in your case structure is different.

    Usually we look this option while making new project, that is the reason I suggest you to recheck whether this is mandatory to Migrate from MVC 4 to Core, if it's necessary then only you can move further, otherwise my suggestion is stop to migrate.

    If this is necessary to migrate then refer below link this might be helpful to you, what type of troubles you may face while migrating etc... they were explained.

    Hope this will help you...

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    Have you aware of core ?
    ASP.NET Core is a new open-source and cross-platform framework for building modern cloud based internet connected applications, such as web apps, IoT apps and mobile backbends
    first you need to check below links before getting started with Asp.Net Core

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