Technology Guest Article Submission Guidelines

We allow a limited number of guest articles every month. You can contact us today to publish a guest article related to technology, software and programming, that directly or indirectly promotes a business. If you are looking for technology or software related websites to submit guest articles, you are in the right place.

We allow Guest Articles on the following subject areas:
1. Technology
2. Software reviews & recommendations
3. Programming

If you are looking for technology related guest posting websites, you are in the right place.

Choose Your Option

1. Article Exchange

We may be able to publish your promotional article free of cost if you can publish one of our guest articles on an equally qualified website owned by you. If your website is new or relatively less popular, we may ask you to publish more than one article or include more than one links in the article we provide to you. If your website doesn't have a Blog where you can publish our article, we can help you setup a Blog feature on your website as a separate service.

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2. Paid/Promotional Article

If you want to promote your business through a guest article, you can send your article to us. We charge a fee for publishing such promotional articles. If your website is involved in massive link building through guest posts, then we will not be able to allow an article with a link to such sites. The article you provide must be minimum 800 words long.

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3. Free Guest Article Submission

If you cannot afford to pay the promotional fee, then you can explore this option. We can publish an article from you free of cost, provided the article is minimum 1,500 words long, very unique and contain high-quality content. Explore this option only if you are very confident about the quality and content of your article.

Majority of the guest articles submitted in this category are rejected by our editors since they don't meet our expectations and quality criteria.

Click here to submit your article manually.

4. Article Submission with No Promotional Material

If you like to submit a useful and informative article related to technology, software or programming, and earn some revenue, you can submit your article here free of cost. We may optionally pay some rewards for every such article submitted here. Also, you have the potential to generate advertising revenue from the articles you share here.

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