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In addition to the revenue offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we offer several gifts and cash awards to
active members who post valuable content to this site.

Cash awards will be accummulated and will be paid to you in the form of cheque when it reaches Rs 5000. If your earnings are less Rs 50, it may not appear here.

Earn great gifts every week, month and year !

List of currently active Gifts & Awards

Super Annual Gift
Digital Camera

1 prize per year
.NET Books
Every Week

Up to 3 gifts per week
Editors Choice
Award Certificate

Up to 5 prizes per week

Up to 3 prizes per month
Software License

1 prize per month

In addition, various companies have offered their software product licenses as gifts to active members of dotnetspider. See the list of currently active software license gifts.

Learn more about payment process and find out how to make money from this site.

If you have any questions about the payment programs, please post your question in our forum.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Asheej T K151Rs 92678.9Rs 92027Rs 651.9
Anil Kumar Pandey125Rs 49970Rs 49900Rs 70
Pawan Awasthi124Rs 62755.4Rs 62700Rs 55.4
Prasad kulkarni116Rs 45688Rs 45600Rs 88
Ravindran89Rs 52483.9Rs 52500Rs -16.1
naveensanagasetti75Rs 39718Rs 39600Rs 118
Paritosh Mohapatra71Rs 31460.8Rs 30700Rs 760.8
Dharmaraj Nagarajan62Rs 14126Rs 13475Rs 651
Ultimaterengan56Rs 14461.8Rs 14000Rs 461.8
Prachi Kulkarni47Rs 15908Rs 15850Rs 58
ABitSmart47Rs 7936Rs 7045Rs 891
Alwyn Duraisingh45Rs 9692.2Rs 9600Rs 92.2
Gaurav Aroraa42Rs 12458Rs 12390Rs 68
Phagu Mahato42Rs 15327.5Rs 15250Rs 77.5
Deepika Haridas41Rs 7145.5Rs 6840Rs 305.5
sugandha35Rs 10911Rs 10900Rs 11
Mrs. Meetu Choudhary Nanda34Rs 10353Rs 9600Rs 753
Vaishali Jain31Rs 11014Rs 10900Rs 114
John Bhatt30Rs 7136.9Rs 6900Rs 236.9
srirama28Rs 8762Rs 8600Rs 162
Nathan28Rs 5427.5Rs 5400Rs 27.5
Abhay Kumar Raut24Rs 3791.5Rs 3247Rs 544.5
Devaraj T N23Rs 7225Rs 7200Rs 25
Sarang Singnapurkar21Rs 5523Rs 4600Rs 923
Minu21Rs 5206Rs 5000Rs 206
Dotnet Developer-201521Rs 8327Rs 8300Rs 27
Muhammad Farooq20Rs 5718Rs 5500Rs 218
ChandraShekar Thota20Rs 1543Rs 1424Rs 119
D.Jeya kumar(JK)19Rs 1631Rs 1000Rs 631
Hefin Dsouza19Rs 3173.5Rs 1840Rs 1333.5
Bunty18Rs 2438.2Rs 2000Rs 438.2
Nadheera V18Rs 6501Rs 6500Rs 1
Raghav18Rs 1831.5Rs 1380Rs 451.5
Shine S18Rs 4749.2Rs 4600Rs 149.2
SonyShiva17Rs 4871Rs 4500Rs 371
Naved Hasan Khan17Rs 6033Rs 5600Rs 433
Abhisek Panda17Rs 2033Rs 2000Rs 33
Mahesh Durgam17Rs 3896Rs 3717Rs 179
Ajatshatru Upadhyay16Rs 5444Rs 4500Rs 944
rajesh kumar parbat16Rs 1837.2Rs 1000Rs 837.2
Sridhar Thota16Rs 4766Rs 4500Rs 266
Vadivel Mohanakrishnan16Rs 3752.3Rs 3500Rs 252.3
Padma15Rs 4000Rs 3200Rs 800
Pankaj Rajput14Rs 6610Rs 6500Rs 110
Santosh Kumar Singh14Rs 5559Rs 5000Rs 559
Nisar13Rs 2244Rs 2200Rs 44
Akanksha P.V13Rs 3768.5Rs 3750Rs 18.5
Nirav Lalan13Rs 5713Rs 5600Rs 113
gandhi13Rs 4785Rs 3900Rs 885

Total Cash Credits: Rs 648,725.30

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