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Learn Silverlight and practise how to write silverlight enabled web applications. This set of silverlight tutorials will guide you from the basic concepts of Silverlight and lead you through the advanced topics. The Silverlight tutorials in this section is prepared by the Microsoft MVP 'Tony John' who is the founder of dotnetspider.com and Techulator.com, the website for Windows 8.

Chapter 26 : Create WCF service to retrieve session data - part II
This chapter explains how to create a WCF service to return Session data to Silverlight controls.
Chapter 27 : How to call Javascript functions from Silverlight code ?
This Silverlight shows sample how to call Javascript functions from Silverlight controls code behind file
Chapter 28 : How to show a popup layer within a Silverlight web page?
In this chapter, you will learn how to display a non-annoying popup layer in a web page using Silverlight.
Chapter 29 : Display Tooltip for Silverlight controls
This chapter explains how to display tool tips for Silverlight controls using ToolTipService class.
Chapter 30 : How to play audio or sound files from Silverlight
This sample shows how to play an audio file from Silverlight controls.
Chapter 31 : How to display custom Rightclick context menu in Silverlight controls?
This sample shows how to intercept the default context menu and display a custom context menu in a Silverlight control
Chapter 32 : Introduction to DataBinding in Silverlight
This chapter introduces databinding in Silverlight with some examples.
Chapter 33 : Silverlight databinding examples: BindingMode Enumeration
In this chapter, I will explain the "BindingMode" enumeration and how to use it to establish a TwoWay databinding.
Chapter 34 : How to set a background image for your Silverlight control
This tutorial shows how to set a background image for the Silverlight controls using an ImageBrush element.
Chapter 35 : Javascript to detect if Silverlight is installed
This code sample shows how to use Javascript to determine if Silverlight is installed on the client browser.

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