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What is XML?

This article explains ...What is Extensible Markup Language

What is XML?

I would like to put a question that is it a programming language like our c,c++ or it's presentation language like HTML . Yeah ! it is not a programming language as well as it's not a presentation language .Simply we can say that it's a grammar used for communication pupose like communicating between applications,databases etc;

Using XML we can define our own structure for a language.It is mainly used to describe data that means it concentrates on what data is but not how data is .Before going into deep about XML we should remember one thing ie it's a case sensitive language where as HTML is not a case sensitive .

Difference between XML and HTML

1. XML is case sensitive
2.XML describes the data where as HTML only defines the data
3. XML can have user defined tags .
4.It's mandatory that you close each and every open tag

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