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Google AdSense - The 'Ads by Google' program.

This article explains the Google AdSense program.

What is Google AdSense?

Even if you do not know what is Google AdSense, you would have seen it in many web sites. This is an advertising program offered by Google.

If you look at the top or left bar of this page, most probably you will see the Ads from Google. It is the little blocks of Text Ads with a small message saying 'Ads by Google' in the bottom or on the top of the Ads.

Sometimes, Google shows images Ads, but most of the time they are text ads with a title, small description and a link to the advertiser. When any user click on the Ad, the publisher (web master) gets paid from Google. In fact, the advertiser pays Google for each click and Google pays a portion of the amount to the website who publish the Ad.

We have displayed Google AdSense ads in almost all pages of our site. When anyone clicks on those ads, we get paid. In fact, we run this free tutorial site with the money we earn from the Google AdSense program.

Who can join AdSense program ?

Anyone who have a website can join the AdSense program. All you have to do is, visit the AdSense website and register your site. Google will approve all reasonably good websites.

Click the above link to join the AdSense program as a publisher(webmaster). The above link is a special link given to us (given to any existing member of Google AdSense program). If you sign up by clicking on the above link and start making money from AdSense program, we will get a referral bonus. After you become a member, you can also refer other members and get referral bonus.

How to use AdSense program

Once you get acceptance from Google for your AdSense registration, you can login to your AdSense account and generate some scripts to put into your web pages. Whenever your web page is displayed, this script will execute and will send some information about the content of your page to Google. Google will return a list of Ads as a result of executing these scripts and will display a set of Ads in your page automatically. All you have to do is, place some hidden javascript in the pages and Ads will be displayed automatically. Google may return different ads each time your page is displayed.

You need to insert the scripts in each page you want to display the Google Ads. Also, Google allows you to put the scripts in multiple sections of your page so that you can display ads in many places in one page.

What is Google AdWords ?

While Google AdSense is for webmasters, Google AdWords is for advertisers who want to publish their ads in other websites.

Anyone who want to advertise in AdSense can use this AdWords program from Google. If you want to advertise, you must register as a publisher in Google. Visit this site to register as a publisher in AdWords - https://adwords.google.com.

How Google AdWords and AdSense work?

The way it works is, the advertiser must select the keywords they are targetting. For example, if the advertiser is selling digital cameras, they may want to choose the keyword 'digital camera' and bid some amount for those words. They can decide what amount they want to bid.

Any webpage which publish Google AdSense has to insert some scripts given by Google. This script will send information about the page to Google. Google will evaluate the content of the page and return some Ads related to the content and based on the bids advertisers make for the related keywords. Highest paid ads will be given higher priority. Ads with low bids may or may not get displayed depending on the keywords and the amount they bid.

How much a publisher will get paid per click?

Usually, most of the advertising agencies pay around 50% of the amount they get from the advertiser. But Google never discloses the percentage they give to the publisher. The only information the publisher can get is, how many clicks they got, what is the total amount they earned etc. Publisher can view several reports from their AdSense accounts. Google will send money to the publisher every month by check, bank transfer etc.

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