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This article explains the roles and responsibilties of a webmaster.

Who is a web master

A web master is a person who manages the web site. A web master knows how to setup the web site and manage various features of the web site.

You can have an office without a manager, but you cannot have a web site without a webmaster.

The role of a webmaster is very essential for an internet website for various reasons. A web site is publicly visible in the internet and there may be several things to take care everyday.

Role and responsibilties of a webmaster

Attract visitors to the site

There are various types of web sites. Some of them are very critical sites like online banking, online bill payment site etc. People will visit such sites just because they want to do things with such sites. So, advertising and attracting visitors to such sites are not very essential. Safety and security of the site are more important.

But there are millions of other informational sites which can exist only if lot of people visit such sites. One good example is this web site. We find money to host this site through advertisements in this site. Thousands of people visit our site often and we get paid through advertisements in this site. We can make money from advertisements only if we can attract more and more people everyday.

It is the responsibility of our webmaster to market this web site and attract more and more people to this site. You will earn more about various techniques used to attract visitors to a web site.

Respond to user queries

We receive several emails from our members everyday. Most of them are mails asking 'how can I get a job ?','Can you find a job for me ?' etc. But there may be very important business mails like some one want to advertise in our site etc. It is the responsibility of the web master to identify and prioritise emails and reply to the sender or forward to appropriate person in the company.

A webmaster is the primary contact for a website. He will re direct all user queries to appropriate person in the company or respond himself.

Site maintenance

There may be various software and hardware maintenance activities to be performed on the webserver. For example, our webmaster defragment the server hard drives once in every month. Also, the webmaster scans the web site everyday and ensure all in active users are removed from the system at some intervals of time.

Validate site content

Many web sites including this site allows members to post content in the site in the form of discussions, articles etc. It is the responsibility of the web master to validate the content frequently and all content posted by members are appropriate.

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