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Registering a domain name

This article explains the process of domain registration.

What is domain registration ?

A domain name is the name of your web site. If you want to start your own internet web site, you need to register a domain name. This is not applicable for intranet sites accessible within your own network. For intranet sites, you can configure any name within your network and access your web site with that name.

But for any internet web site, there need to a domain name registered. Before we started this web site, we registered a domain name called "AspSpider.com".

When we register a domain name, we have to also give the IP Address of our DNS server to the registrar. Then they will make some entries in the system so that when anyone type your domain name in a browser, it will be redirected to your server.

If you are hosting your website with a public hosting company, then you must contact the hosting company to find what is their DNS server address.

Our web sites are hosted with a hosting company called Brinkster. (They provide very cheap, but excellent service. Our web sites are hosted on dedicated web servers. If you are a beginner, you can go for shared hosting plans which are very cheap.)

Here is what we did to start AspSpider.com:

  • Developed the web site in our local computer.
  • Registered the domain name "AspSpider.com" with godaddy.com.
  • Contacted our hosting company (Brinkster) to get the DNS details.

    Here is the what we got from Brinkster:



  • Logged into our account in godaddy.com and entered the DNS names in the space provided for it.
  • Uploaded our web site files to our account in Brinkster.
  • Informed Brinkster to make appropriate entries in their DNS server so that when a URL request comes to their name server for the name "AspSpider.com", redirect it to our web site in their server.
  • We are done!

How much it will cost to register a domain name?

You need to contact an approved registrar to register a domain name and pay an annual fee to register a domain name. This fee varies from registrar to registrar. Each registrar charges a different amount.

We register our domain names with a registrar called "GoDaddy.com". It seem to be cheaper compared to most of the other registrars. They charge around $8.00 per year per domain name.

The rate varies between $5 to $35, depending on the registrar.

Free domain name registration

Some companies offer very cheap or free domain name registration. When you go for very cheap or free registration, you must be carefull. Some companies will register the domain name in their name(not in your name) and allow you to use for 1 or 2 years. After that they may ask you to pay big money to give the rights on the domain name to you. You may lose the brand name you already created and the domain name can become the property of that company.

Also, if you sign up with some hosting companies, they will offer you free domain name registration. Make sure they are registering in your name. (When you choose a hosting company, do not give much importance for the free domain name. You must give importance for quality of hosting services.)

List of registrars

Here is a small list of popular domain registrars:

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