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Installation and Configuration of Visual Studio

This article explains how to install and configure Visual Studio 2008 professional and Express editions.

In this chapter you will learn how to install Visual Studio Express Edition as well as Visual Studio Professional 2008. You will also get familiar with different windows of the WPF IDE.

Installing Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio Express:-

1>> First download the Visual Studio Express edition.
If you have downloaded the ISO image, then first burn it to a blank DVD. You will get Visual C# Express 2008, Visual VC++ Express 2008, Visual Basic Express 2008 and Visual Web Developer Express in the complete ISO image file.

If you choose to download only one language then it will start the installation automatically after installation complete. It will be a web-install then. It is better to download the ISO file and make a DVD of it. It will be useful in future.

2>> Then insert the DVD into your DVD Drive. It will start the setup program automatically. If you are using Windows Vista or later then allow the setup program to run.

3>> You will get the following screen. Choose your language to install and click on it. After copying the files the installation will run automatically. Read the license agreement and accept it. Then click Next to start the installation.

VS Express SetUp

Visual Studio 2008 Professional:-

1>> First download the ISO file and burn it to a blank DVD. Then insert that DVD into your DVD drive. It will start the setup program automatically. Allow the Setup.exe file to run if you are using Windows Vista or later.

VS2008 Setup
2>> The Setup window will provide you three options,

Install Visual Studio 2008:- It will install the features of Visual Studio 2008.

Install Product Documentation:- It will install the MSDN library which includes the help files.

Check For Service Releases:- It will check for the new service releases for your product on the web.

As you can see in the picture the Product Documentation and the Service Releases options are not active. Once you install the Visual Studio 2008, then you can install the documentation and check for new releases.

3>> Click on Install Visual Studio 2008. The setup screen will appear after copying files.

VS2008 Setup1 VS2008 Setup2

As you can see in the pictures the Next button will be active after setup initializes the components. Then click Next to continue.

4>> Then in the next screen accept the license agreement and give your user name and click Next.

VS2008 Setup3

5>> In the next screen it will ask you to choose the type of install. It has three options,

VS2008 Setup4

Default Install:- It will install the minimal required features.

Full Install:- It will install all the features of the product.

Custom Install:- You can specify what to install in custom installation.

Select your desired choice. If you don’t have much disk space, it will be better to go for custom installation.

The custom installation screen will look like the below image.


Choose your desired options and set the installation path. You can see the disk cost also. Then click on install.
You can go to the previous steps at any point of time. But once installation starts you can’t modify in the middle.

6>> After clicking install the installation will start. Your computer may restart several times depending on the installed components.

Setup6 Setup7

You can abort the installation by clicking on cancel button. You will get the confirmation screen after the installation will finish.

Finish Setup

7>> Click on the finish button to finish the installation. It may ask you to restart your system.
After installation will finish, the setup program will return to the fist screen. Now you can install the product documentation.

8>> Now you can start Visual Studio 2008 by going to "Start-->All Programs-->Microsoft Visual Studio 2008-->Microsoft Visual Studio 2008". It will ask you to choose your environment settings.

Env Settings

9>> Choose your desired setting according to your choice and click on Start Visual Studio. You can change the environment settings at any time from the Tools menu. Environment settings will set the IDE to best suite your needs for a specific type of development. It does not mean that by choosing Visual C# setting you can’t develop VB applications. You can work in any language in any environment.

The Visual Studio IDE will start after a few seconds. Below is the Visual Studio IDE.

VS2008 IDE

In the next chapter you will get familiar with the different elements of the WPF designer window of VS 2008 IDE.

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