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How to use Management Studio ?

You will learn more about various options in management studio to manage SQL Server.

In the previous chapter, you learned how to connect to SQL Server Database Server. In this chapter, you can find more about how to use Management Studio to perform various actions on SQL Server.

After you connect to SQL Server, you will see a screen as shown below:

The left side panel shows a tree structure. The first node says "(local)\SQL2005". Here, I have connected to an instance SQL Server called "SQL2005" on the local computer. Since I have SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 installed on my computer, I used the name "SQL2005" when I installed SQL 2005.

When you expand the server name, you will see few nodes depending on the number of features you have installed:

1. Databases
2. Security
3. Server Objects
4. Replication
5. Management
6. Notification Services

The first node "Databases" is the one that you will use most of the time. This node includes all the databases created in this instance of the database server. The security node allows you to manage user accounts and permissions.

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