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CRUD Operation

This chapter talks about the CRUD operation in database.

All database operations can be broadly classified into 4 categories:

1. Insert data (Create)
2. Get existing data (Read)
3. Modify existing data (Update)
4. Delete data (Delete)

This set of tasks are called CRUD.

The term CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, Delete which corresponds to the basic database operations mentioned above.

If you are working on a database application, you may be asked to implement the CRUD tasks for the commonly used tables (Entities). So be sure that you know what is meant by CRUD !

For example, if you are developing a student management software, you may have a table called 'Students'. Most probably, you will have to implement the following screens:

1. Screen to add a student
2. Screen which displays all the existing students
3. Screen to edit and modify existing student
4. Screen to select and delete a student.

Did you notice that the above operations match with the CRUD tasks?

In this case, the 'Student' represents an ENTITY. You will learn more about entities in upcoming chapters.

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