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Array object

This article explains JavaScript Array object


In simple words Array is collection of similar datatypes. Array index starts from 0.
Instead of declaring many variables for different strings or other data types, we can store it as a collection in an Array.

Defining an Array

Regular array

We declare array and assign in next statement.
var myArray = new Array(5)
Now in order to assign elements to Array


Here length of the array is 5.

Condensed array

Here declaration and assignment can be done in a single statement

var myArray=new Array("Hima", "Sandhya", "Sujatha")

Literal array

Here we don’t use new key word to create an array. Directly we declare and assign. This is one type of declaring and assigning.

var myArray=["Hima", "Sandhya", "Sujatha"]

Index for Hima would be 0, String Sandhya is stored in 1st index and Sujatha is stored in 2nd position .

Now we can refer the element Sujatha as myArray[3]

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