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Getting started to learn

How to start?

Is there any tool required to learn JavaScript? The answer is No. We don’t require any tool to write JavaScript. A simple Notepad /Editpad is enough to write JavaScript. Note pad comes default with the operating system it self.

JavaScript can be run in any browsers like Netscape or Internet Explorer.

There are some important things like objects, Variables, functions, events etc; that are useful in creating better scripts .JavaScript variables can be directly used with out declaration of the variables.

The < script> tag

< script> tag is the attribute that is used to any scripting language. Generally we place Java script in HTML header. Every script tag that is enclosed in the Body must be closed with ending tag < /script> .

The purpose of script tag is to identify a block of script in the page and load a script file.
A </script> close tag is mandatory . Script in sice script tags get compiled and executed.

Note: JavaScript is the default language in HTML header. VB Script is the default language in HTML body. If we want to place JavaScript in HTML body, explicitly we need to specify language.

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