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What do you mean by JavaScript?

All about JavaScript?

what is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a Scripting language that usually placed in HTML pages. It can also be termed as extension to HTML. It’s initially introduced as Live Script and renamed as JavaScript. So we can say that prior to JavaScript, Live Script has come. In other words Java Script is the advanced version of live Script. It has been introduced by Sun Microsystems and Netscape.

Is it similar to Java?

Now the question arises is whether it is similar to Java?

Peers! Don’t ever get perplexed with Java and Java Script.

Java Script is much easier than Java.

Java vs JavaScript

  • Java is a high level Programming language and Java Script is the Client side Scripting language.
  • It is also called Object Oriented Language, where as JavaScript is Object based.
  • Java is used to develop applications, but JavaScript is used to develop some kind of functionalities like Validations on client side in web forms or web pages.

Is it Client Side Scripting or Server Side?

It’s a Client side Scripting language that is embedded in HTML tags and can also be used at Server side too.

How is it Useful?

It‘s mainly useful in developing client side scripting in WebPages .
Go to browser's View menu and click on source. So you are able to see all the client side code .Right!

JavaScript allows us to perform calculations, validate web forms, change the design or background of the page, create cookies, detect browsers, add special effects, and customize graphics selections so that interactive features of page can be improved.

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