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C# sample for basic file operations

Basic File Operation

Download Sample .NET Project for FileOperations

This chapter will teach you the basic file operations. In the attached sample application, you can type some text and save into a text file. Also, you can select a text file and display the content in a textbox.

In addition to the basic file operations, you can learn some good programming practices and error handling/validation techniques.

This chapter and the attached sample application demonstrates the usage of following .NET classes and methods:

  • System.IO.Path.GetExtension() - Method to check the extension of a file.
  • System.IO.File.Exists() - Check if a file alread exists.
  • System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog - "File Open Dialog" to choose a file from the disk.
  • DialogResult.OK - Result from a File Open Dialog.
  • MessageBox.Show() - Displaying a message to the user.
  • string.Trim() - Remove white space characters from beginning and end of string.
  • throw new Exception() - Create and throw a new exception.
  • System.IO.StreamWriter - Stream writer to write into files.
  • System.IO.StreamReader - Read from file.
  • Application.Exit() - Closing an application.

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