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A huge collection of simple tutorials will guide you through various stages of web programming.

Chapter 1 : ASP.Net Tutorial for Beginners - What is this all about?
This chapter gives an introduction about this site and the ASP.NET tutorials we offer.
Chapter 2 : About the Author of ASP.NET Tutorials for beginners
This chapter introduces the author of this tutorials.
Chapter 3 : What is a Web Server?
As you may know already, the internet is network of millions of computers. A Web Server is a computer in the internet which serves the web pages to the client machines.
Chapter 4 : What is a browser?
This article will give some definitions for browsers
Chapter 5 : Windows Applications and Web Applications
This article gives an introduction to various types of computer programs and explains the concepts behind a web application.
Chapter 6 : Infrastructure to develop a web application (web site)
This chapter explains what are the infrastructure you need to develop a web application.
Chapter 7 : Installing and configuring IIS
This article guides you on installing and configuring IIS on your machine. IIS is a required a tool to develop and ASP.NET applications in your machine.
Chapter 8 : Web Hosting
Once you have created your own web site, you need to host it in a web server. This chapter explains how to find a web hosting service suitable for you.
Chapter 9 : Working with IIS and virtual directories
This article explains how to use IIS and how to work with virtual directories.
Chapter 10 : What is a Virtual Directory and how to create it?
This article explains the concept of virtual directory and how to create it manually.
Chapter 11 : How web applications work ?
Web applications work quite different from regular windows applications. This chapter explains the fundamentals of a web application and how a web page is served when a client makes a request for a web page.
Chapter 12 : Switching from windows programming to web programming
This chapter explains some challenges faced by web programmers. Also explains what are the additional things you need to take care when you switch to web programming from windows programming.
Chapter 13 : What is ASP.NET ? How is it different from VB.NET or C# ?
This article explains the ASP.NET technology and how different it is from programming languages like C# or VB.NET
Chapter 14 : What you should know to become an ASP.NET web developer
The article talks about what you must learn to become an ASP.NET web developer.
Chapter 15 : Create your first web page
In this chapter, we will guide you to create a new web site step by step, without using Visual Studio .NET
Chapter 16 : Moving from HTML to ASP.NET
The chapters explains how you can convert an HTML file into as ASP.NET page and how to develop ASP.NET pages.
Chapter 17 : How browsers understand ASP.NET web pages?
This chapter explains how browsers display dynamic pages.
Chapter 18 : How ASP.NET is converted to HTML?
This article how ASP.NET pages are sent as HTMl to browsers.
Chapter 19 : Static and Dynamic web pages
The chapter talks about the difference between Static web pages and Dynamic web pages.
Chapter 20 : Client side scripting and server side scripting
This chapter gives an introduction to client side and server side programming.
Chapter 21 : Shared web hosting
This chapter talks about benefits and limitations of shared web hosting.
Chapter 22 : Your first dynamic page
You will learn to create a dynamic page in this chapter.
Chapter 23 : Default programming language for ASP.NET
This article talks about the default programming language and other supported programming languages supported by ASP.NET
Chapter 24 : Difference between ASP and ASP.NET
This article explains what is ASP.NET and how different it is from ASP.NET
Chapter 25 : Dedicated Hosting
You can learn more about dedicated web hosting plans in this chapter.

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