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Moving from HTML to ASP.NET

The chapters explains how you can convert an HTML file into as ASP.NET page and how to develop ASP.NET pages.

In this chapter, you learned how to create a simple website with an html page. Our aim is to learn ASP.NET. So, let us see how to develop ASP.NET pages.

An html file can have the extensions .htm or .html. An ASP.NET page has the extension .aspx. So, the very basic difference between an html page and an ASP.NET page is, they have different file extensions.

By looking at the file extension, the web server understands what type of file it is and decides how to process them. An html file and ASP.NET need to be processed differently by the server.

We said the basic difference is, html and ASP.NET pages have different extensions. So, you may ask "what if simply change the extension of the file?"

You are right. You can simply change the extension of an html file to make it an ASP.NET page!

In an earlier chapter, you created a simple web site called "ShoppingCart" with an html page "index.html". Go to the folder "C:\ShoppingCart" and rename the file to "index.aspx". You have created your first ASP.NET page!

How to test the ASP.NET page ?

Just like the way you opened your html page in Internet Explorer, open the ASP.NET page. Open Internet Explorer and type the following URL:


You can see the same output as the html file.

How did it work?

If you want to change your small grocery store to a big super market, what will you do? You can simply put a big board in front of your store saying "Super Market" and claim that you have a super market.

This is exactly what we did with our html page. We simply renamed it. But changing the name is not enough to convert a grocery store to a super market. There is a lot more to go!

In the coming chapters, you will learn more about how to convert a grocery store into a super market (well, we mean how to switch from simple html to complex asp.net pages)

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