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What you should know to become an ASP.NET web developer

The article talks about what you must learn to become an ASP.NET web developer.

You must have read in the earlier chapters that ASP.NET is a technology which includes several other technologies.

So, unlike C# or VB.NET windows programmers who need to know only the programming language, an ASP.NET developer must learn several things.


HTML is a very simple language used to develop web pages. It may not take more than a couple of days to to become a reasonable good HTML programmer.

Programming language - C#, VB.NET or your favourite language

You can develop a simple, static web site using plain HTML. You don't need to know C# or VB.NET to develop a web site.

But, to display dynamic content in the ASP.NET website, you must use a programming language like C# or VB.NET. For exampe, if you want to display data from database, you will need to write C# or VB.NET code in the web page to access the database and retrieve database.

So, you must learn atleast one programming language like C# or VB.NET to become a good ASP.NET developer.

Client side scripting language

In addition to HTML and C#/VB.NET, you may need to learn one more programming language like Javascript or Vb script for client side scripting. Javascript is the most popular and widely used client side scripting language. You can read more about client side scripting in another chapter.

Internet Information Services - IIS

IIS is the engine that drives the ASP.NET web sites. But just like a car driver need to know much about the engine of the car, you need not be an IIS expert to develop web sites. Just like your car starts when you turn the key, the IIS is started when you start windows. There are separate chapters for IIS in this tutorials.

Visual Studio .NET - VS.NET

Visual Studio .NET is the editor from Microsoft which allows you to write code easily. Ideally, you do not need VS.NET to develop ASP.NET web sites. You can simply use notepad to type your code and use command line options to compile the code.

But you may not want to use notepad to write web pages, if you want to finish your learning in the next couple of years!!

VS.NET makes the life of a programmer very easy. It does lot of work in the backgroud for you. When you create a new web project, it automatically creates a virtual directory for you in the IIS. If you use notepad to develop web site, you will have to manually create virtual folder in IIS, which requires some knowledge about IIS. Also, it is 1-click operation in VS.NET to compile and build all web pages. In addition, VS.NET creates lot of default files and code for you, which you will have to do manually if you are not using VS.NET. If you want to display a text box or a button control, just drag and drop the control in VS.NET. There is no need to type even a single line!!

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