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Infrastructure to develop a web application (web site)

This chapter explains what are the infrastructure you need to develop a web application.

So, ready to develop a web site?

Any one who want to develop a web application must have the following systems:

1. A web server.
2. An editor to develop the web pages.
3. A browser to view the web page you develop.
4. A database program like MS Access, SQL Server etc, if your web site need to save data into a database.

In the real world situation, a web server will be hosted on a secure server, located in a safe place and will be always connected to high speed internet. However, to develop a web application, you don't need to worry about security and internet connectivity. You can use your own development computer as the 'Web Server'.

So, your development computer must have all the 4 systems mentioned above.

Since this tutorial is guiding you to develop web sites using ASP.NET, all the tools we are going to talk here will be the ASP.NET specific tools.

Web Server

There are several types of web servers. But if you like to develop ASP.NET web applications, you need a specific web server called 'Internet Information Server' (IIS).

IIS comes as part of Windows. But it is not installed by default, when you install Windows. Please see the chapter 'Installing IIS' to find more about installing IIS.

Editor to develop web pages

Ideally, you do not need any special editor to develop a web application. If you are an expert, you can simply use ntoepad to type HTML and the code for the web pages. However, who want to hand-wash the vessels when there is a dish washer ?!

You don't need to make your hands dirty! Microsoft gives a tool called 'Visual Studio .NET' to edit web pages and write code for ASP.NET.

Visual Studio .NET (VS.NET)

Visual Studio .NET allows to easily create web pages. Some of the benefits in using Visual Studio .NEt are:

  • You can simply drag and drop html controls to the web page and VS.NET will automatically write the HTML tags for you.
  • Start typing an HTML tag and VS.NET will complete it! When you start typing a tag, VS.NET will show you the HTML tags starting with the characters you typed. So, you don't need to even remember all the tags.
  • If you type any HTML tags wrong, VS.NET will highlight the errors and tell you how to correct it.

So, even if you are not an expert, VS.NET can help you develop great web pages.


You need a browser to view the web pages you create. If you have any windows operating system in your computer, you will already have a free browser (called 'Internet Explorer')

Database program

A database program like MS Access or SQL Server is required only if you need to save data into database. It is not mandatory that all web sites need a database program.

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