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Create your first web page

In this chapter, we will guide you to create a new web site step by step, without using Visual Studio .NET

Visual Studio .NET is tool that help you automate lot of work related to creating a web site or web application. However, in this chapter we are going to see how to create a small web site manually, without using VS.NET. This help you understand some of the background work done VS.NET when you create a new project.

Let us create a new web site called "ShoppingCart".

Step 1: Create folder

The first step is, creating a folder for this web site. So, go to explorer and create the following folder:


Step 2: Create virtual directory

Create a new virtual directory called "ShoppingCart" pointing to the folder we just created. Refer to this chapter for more information about creating virtual directories and working with IIS.

Step 3: Create a web page

Let us create a simple page to get started. Open notepad and copy the following content:


<title>This is my first web page</title>




<font size=5 color=red>Welcome to SpiderShop !</font>


<font size=3 color=darkgreen>Buy softwares and tools online at very low rates....</font>



Save the above text into a file called "index.html" into the folder "C:\ShoppingCart".

You are done with your first web site. Since you have configured your folder as a virtual directory, you can access all html files in that folder using a web browser.

Open internet explorer and type the URL


You can see the following output in Internet Explorer:

Welcome to SpiderShop !

Buy softwares and tools online at very low rates....

Try to alter the html in the file and see how it appears in internet explorer. Also, you can create more html files in the same folder (like index2.html, AboutMe.html etc) and access them using the url http://localhost/FileName (Eg: http://localhost/ShoppingCart/AboutMe.html)

If your file is already open in Internet Explorer (IE) and you make some changes in the html file, the changes will not be visible in IE until you refresh the page in IE. Just hit F5 button in IE to reload the page after you make any changes to the file using notepad.

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