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Split Comma separated values into Columns

In this article, I explain about how to split a string with delimiter into list of rows. De limiter can be comma or plus our requirement is to convert a single row of a table into multiple rows based on number of delimiter.

How to get rows into comma separated values column in sql

How to get rows into comma separated values column in sql. Fetching rows values into comma separated column value is required lots of time in our projects. So I tried to achieve this and lastly found one solution. Use this to get all row values into one single column value with comma separation.

SQL Script to Concatenate column values

There is frequent need for sql string concatenation to get a list of column values(Comma separated value) of a table. Generally udf's (Used Defined Function) are used to concatenate string in sql. Here is a very simple T-SQL sample using FOR XML PATH() in order concatenate strings values in SQL SERVER

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