Offshore Software Development Company in India

Are you looking for custom software development services? Take advantage of the offshore development in India, the world's destination for IT Talents. Our parent company, SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd, offers offshore software development in India since 2005. We offer world class custom software development in our India development center at affordable cost.

Hire a Programmer at Hourly Rate

Cost starting from US$ 12 Per Hour


DotNetSpider team is currently offering offshore software development in India.

If you are looking for skilled developers, we can offer you the best talents at the lowest rate.

Our software development services include:

Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) - If you like to setup your own offshore development company in India, we can help you. We will hire talented resources, train, take care of forming a good team and even developing your projects initially. Once your company is ready to go, we will transfer the project, team and other resources to you.

Product Development - We will develop and maintain the product for you while you retain the ownership and rights on the product. You can focus on marketting and selling, while we silently develop the product for you as per your specifications and requirements. We will keep our identity confidential and you can market the product as your own product.

Outsource your projects - Save money by outsourcing to India. You can sub-contract your project development to us. You can save upto 60% of the development costs by outsourcing the projects to our world class development center in India. Take advantage of low rates and highly skilled man power in India.

Hire Developers - Instead of hunting for developers with proper skillset and right attitude, you can select appropriate resources from our talent pool. The developers can sit in our office and develop software for you under your team management. Whether you need an SQL expert or .NET developer or PHP programmer, we have them all covered. Just let us know how many developers you need and for how long. You may add or reduce team size with just 1-week notice.

Support & Maintenance - Support and maintenance is very critical in keeping the customers happy. Our operations team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can sit in our office and support customers in any part of the world through phone, email or chat. Our trained staff are very fluent in English and are specially trained for customer interaction.

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Our Software Development Team

Before we launched our own software development company in India, we were a group of senior software engineers from India working with various software giants, came together about a decade back with the intention of providing world class software solutions to clients from anywhere in the world. We have several years of software engineering experience using various Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. We are specialized in Microsoft .NET technologies including C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET but our team currently includes taent professionals with years of expertise in PHP, Magento, Myql, Laravel platforms and frameworks as well.

If you are looking for an offshore development company or partner, dotnetspider would be an ideal choice for you. If you like to get more information about our offshore development services, give us a call at +91 949 555 9690 and we will be happy to provide you further information.

We are a group of senior developers, project leaders and project managers. We focus on real software development rather than business development and marketing. Ours is a relatively small group (around 50 engineers) compared to other large offshore companies in India. This helps us keep our focus in quality projects, low cost development and long term successful relationship with our customers.

Cost for software development in India

Due to the availability of skilled man power in India for low cost, we are able to provide very low rates for our offshore development. In addition to the general low-cost factor in India, we are able to further reduce the rates because we are a company owned by a group of software engineers and need not spend much for our administration/marketing departments. If you are looking for skilled .NET developers, we can offer you the best talents at the lowest rate.

Rate Card
Junior Developers $12/Hour
Senior Developers $15/Hour
Architects/Managers $20/Hour
Customer Support $12/Hour
Web Site Maintenance $10/Hour
Search Engine Optimization $10/Page Initial charge, US$ 2 per month per page for continuing maintenance.
NOTE: Rate may vary by the nature of the project

You may hire one or more senior developers with or without any architects and managers. However, we do not allow you to hire only junior developers. There must be atleast one senior developer or architect.

The hired engineer may directly report to you and you can remotely manage them. Or, you can leave all of the development job to us including team management, design, development, testing and maintenance.

Hourly Rates

Our offshore development rates vary between $12~$20. The exact rate depends on the nature and complexity of the projects, skill set of engineers involved in the project etc. For a typical offshore project, one project manager and couple of engineers will be involved. On an average, we will charge $15 per hour. This can be discussed and negotiated.

Fixed Rate Projects

We undertake projects on a fixed rate also. This approach requires that we create detailed specification of the project in advance and both the parties agree on the various features before we arrive at the total cost for the project. You can ask for changes during various stages of the project. Usually, we are very flexible on change requests and we design projects such a way that any change can be easily accommodated. However, sometimes it will require lot of additional work to accommodate certain changes. In such cases, we will discuss with you and arrive at an additional price for the required changes.