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How to Transform a connected Architecture(Datareader) to a Dis Connected Architecture(Datatable).

In your Project if you use Connected Oriented Architecture(DataReader) suddenly you want to transform Dis Connected Oriented Architecture(DataTable) .In Asp.net there is a way you can transform a Connected Oriented Architecture(Data Reader) to Dis Connected Oriented Architecture (DataTable) with minimal of effort(less code changes). so how to Achieve this in your .Net Programming(vb/C#).I will explain it with Code Snippets.

Error :ORA-01460 unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested.

Today i want to discuss an article regarding above mentioned Article Title unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested.In which scenario you will get this Exception ? What you do to overcome this Exception ?These are the things i will discuss here in detail with code snippets and real time images

How to Preview the Order summary for Cart items in Paypal website using c#

Today i want to demonstrate how to show the cart items in order summary for the Paypal Website using Asp.net C# code with real time images and Code snippets.With this Article you can Know what are the parameters/Arguments you need to Club/append to the Uniform Resource Locator(URL)(i.e. when you redirect to Paypal website).

How to read the Content from Image/Scanned Copy of pdf Using Tessaract OCR

I had a requirement to read the text Content of a Scanned Pdf image which is in Jpeg format .I will discuss in this article how to read an text content which exists in that scanned image .I have heard about OCR tesseract dll.This Dll will able to fetch the text content of an scanned image.How to read the text content from the image with this dll i will Discuss in this Article...

Load and Navigate elements in xml File using C#

I want to discuss an article how to Load and Navigate through XmlElements in XmlDocument.So You can load and Navigate or iterate through whole XmlDocument.There are many ways to navigate or iterate through xmlElements. I will describe how to do that with Code snippets and real time images.

Call a server side code from Jquery.

I will brief about how to call a server side code from Jquery. How we can achieve this in the Jquery/javascript code.If you are working on context menu if we want to handle the Menu items click on server side code with how to achieve this i will explain with code snippets and real time Images.

Information Schema regarding a Database table and Database Using sql querys

In this Article i will discuss how to get structure(Schema) of a table through sql query that Schema Information includes Columns,Datatypes,size/Precision relationships and structure of a Database includes size ,owner ,status , compatibility level , constraints and Views that exists in the Database with code snippets and real time images.

Requested Timed Out for a Wcf service.

I am working on website in that i need to call the Web Service Function from the aspx page.The call Function/Web Method is with in for loop(.aspx page).Each iteration of calling the function/webMethod returns a new Random Number or an Auto id number will be generated.But upon continuously calling the Function it returns Requested Time Out Exception How to solve this error i will discuss in this Article.

Automatically login for improper Logouts(Check on Remember me on this Computer).

If you carefully observe any of the websites like dotnetspider you may see this option(remember me on this computer).If you had not log out properly i.e.( on click of sign out or Log out button link).when you revisit the website will automatically log in without giving your credentials(i.e.User Name and Password).if you check on remember me Option.How to work out this scenario in your c# code.i will explain with Code snippets real time images

Converting dateformat in dataset while fetching the data from Excel

You have an requirement you need to import the Excel sheet data and export the data it into Sql-server database table.But in excel When you type a specific Date format in Excel cell that date format will be different in dataset.So how to get the original Date format in dataset.This is the article i want to discuss here.

What are Database transactions and How to use transactions in ADO.NET

In General Transaction are used in Database or database Batch Programming.But Sometimes we have to Use Transactions from Front-End Coding(Using ADO.net).So in this Article i want to discuss what are Transactions ? when to Use a Transaction ? and How to Use a Transaction Using ADO.Net.These are the things i will discuss here with Code Snippets.

User Defined Function in Sql-Server

Today i want to discuss an article that is regarding User Defined Functions in Sql-server.What are User Defined Functions?what are the types of User Defined Functions.In which scenario User Defined Functions are Used.This is the article i want to discuss here with Code Snippets.

Conversion of Scientific Notation in uploaded Excel to Original Number in Dataset

In Asp.net when Uploading an Excel Sheet when we enter more than 15 digits in the Cell and that column is a Number format or datatype in Excel that Number turns into Scientific Notation or an Exponential Number so when we fetch that data and fill in the dataset that dataset contains same Scientific Notation.How to change that scientific Notation to original Number in our dataset that i will discuss in this Article with code snippets and real time images.

what is Generic Handler and how to Maintain session data in Generic Handler .ashx page

In asp.net there are several new feautres exists .Net Framework 3.5 and later One of the most important feature is Generic handler page.what is Generic handler page in asp.net?what is the purpose of using Generic handle page in .Net and how to maintain a session in Generic handler page?These are the things that i want to discuss in this Article with code snippets and real time images

Auto Implemented Properties in Asp.net c#

Before working any project you need to work on Architecture.At present there are so many architectures are present in .net.Those are one Tier,Two Tier,Three Tier and so on.Except in one and two tier the other Architectures we use this accessors.But implementation of accessors is different after .NetFramework 3.0 and greater versions. what are accesors and what's the difference between implementation of accessors before .NetFramework3.0 and after i want to discuss in this Article with code snippets

User Defined Exceptions

In some situations when you are working with some code we know that code will raise an Exception(But that exception will not harm). Hence we need to bypass that exception and execute the next lines of Code or even sometimes we need to give some Custom (User defined)exception.In which scenario it will be Useful.And how to work it out?I will discuss in this Article with code Snippets

Working with Ext.net Controls.

Today i want to introduce a new third party control i.e. none other than Ext.net controls.what are the special features that exists in this Controls that i want to discuss in this Article.After reading this Article you will be a big favorite of these controls.

Monitor your services Remotely

Today i want to discuss if a service is installed in the machine.how to check the Services are properly working or not.If we want to continuously monitor the service.What we need to do? In this article i will give detailed description with snippet of code lines and real output images.

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