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Widely asked in interviews: Delegate, Linq, Lambda Expn Create Extension Method & Expression Tree

In technical interviews most of the times, TRICKY questions are fired on topics; Delegate, Anonymous Method, Anonymous Type, LINQ, Extension Method, Lambda Exp, Expression Tree..... Though most of us know these concepts but get messed-up and unable to explain in interviews as required..... This article covers these topics with Code-Snippets that others can refer to understand the topics.

Transforming Text into Handwritten Notes: Your Ultimate Guide

Sometimes, your teacher or instructor assign you to complete the writing task in your own handwriting format (not in the computerized form). This can be very labor-intensive as you have to sit and write everything using the pen and your hands.

Why Data Encryption is a Necessity for SharePoint?

Are you wondering if you need to encrypt your SharePoint? Read this article to know what are the drawbacks of keeping your SharePoint in an un-encrypted format, how to go about encrypting your SharePoint, and the benefits you get from it.

4 Exciting Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities

There seems to be a lot happening in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem. AI tools are growing exponentially doing things that many always feared in the creative and development space. Read about some of the most exciting capabilities that AI systems now have.

How To Optimize Your Business Operations With Remote Inventory

We live in a world that's more connected than ever - it's global and wired up. This makes remote inventory management crucial for many businesses. Do you need to handle supplies from different corners of the globe or keep customers updated about stock levels instantly?

How to Survive the BPO Industry?

How to navigate to the thankless low paying job in the BPO industry - is this something that is currently going on in your mind? Read our article to know how you can best manage your time in the BPO industry and how you can make your future better and brighter.

Cloud Computing: From Infrastructure to Serverless Architecture

Cloud computing has been a game-changer, revolutionizing how businesses and individuals access and manage technology resources. Its flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions have transformed traditional IT infrastructure, catering to diverse computing needs.

Data-Driven Decisions: Analytics and Reporting in Headless Commerce Software

Making the right decision in a business setting often involves data - understanding customer sentiment, tracking click-through rates, or analyzing revenue growth. However, organizations are now faced with unprecedented data points that can take time to manage. Fortunately, headless commerce software provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to help businesses leverage their data for smart strategy implementation and creativity.

Difference Between IT Staffing and IT Staff Augmentation

Discover the key distinctions between IT staffing and IT staff augmentation. Understand how IT staffing involves the recruitment and placement of IT professionals within an organization, while IT staff augmentation involves temporarily supplementing internal teams with external IT experts.

The Role of Robotics And Automation in Prefabricated Construction

Discover how robotics and automation are revolutionizing the construction industry by advancing prefabricated structures. Explore the advantages, from increased productivity to improved safety and precision. Learn about advanced technologies like robotic systems, 3D printing, panelization, and IoT integration.

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring a Software Consultant in the USA

Discover the benefits of hiring a software consultant in the USA. From accessing expertise and experience to achieving cost efficiency and time savings, software consultants offer customized solutions that mitigate risks, enhance productivity, and provide a competitive advantage.

Check the best HP laptops under 35000

In this article we are listing the top laptops from HP that are available under the budget of 35000 INR. Check out the specifications of these laptops and quickly make your purchase!!

Hadoop developer or Sailpoint developer, which one has a better future

Are you a developer? Do you want to know who has a better future: Hadoop developer or Sailpoint Developer? I am going to help you to find it. Before exploring the future of Sailpoint Developers and Hadoop Developers, Let us first know about Sailpoint, Hadoop, and why Sailpoint and Hadoop's needs emerged.

Tips for Building a Successful Software Startup

Building a successful startup is not easy. It takes consistency, hard work, and a lot of know-how to get your business off the ground and running successfully. All the while, the digital world is increasingly growing bigger, and the same applies to our need for different and more advanced software solutions. The potential of gaining success with a new software business idea is therefore huge! Keep reading and learn more about how to build a successful startup.

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