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Display running count of characters entered in silverlight

Display running count of characters entered in silverlight. This code snippet shows how we can display running count of number of characters entered by the user in a TextBox in silverlight. We need to Bind the Text.Length property of the element to a textblock which displays the running count of number of characters entered by the user.

'How to create pdf document in using C#

This code snippet shows how to create a pdf document and write to that pdf document in ASP.NET using C#. we are going to use itextsharp dll in order to create the pdf file in c#. we can add our own custom images and paragraphs to the pdf document. we can also write text in the pdf document as shown in this code snippet.

what is web services used for. How can we create it.

In this article we see something about the web service technology. How can we create a simple webservice and how we consume it in our web/console applications. We will also see what technology it uses to develop the service. What are the important features of web-services.

Extracting and Compressing Files

Extracting/Compressing Files. This snippet is all about compressing some group of files and extracting the same. It is achieved using the class GZipStream which is available using the namespace System.IO.Compression;

Client & server Architecture

Client/server: A description for applications that have a local (client) user interface but access data on a remote server. The application distributes the work between the local machine and the server, depending on the strengths of the front-end and back-end products

Round off in ASP.NET

RoundOff the Values in ASP.NET C# , if you want rounded value so you use the C# function (Round)

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