Javascript samples and examples

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How to block special characters in a TextBox?

Looking for script to restrict special characters in a text box? We do require restricting the users from entering special characters in some text boxes in our application. This aarticle will prove you the java script and code for blocking special characters in a text box.

Create Multiple calender control on runtime time

Hi, If you want to create an unlimited calender control with textbox. try to my code. if you want to that user can enter multiple dates on single page as per over requirement. we can done do this using javascript. when user click on create button a texbox and calender button will be created. user can delete all control by single click on remove button.

How select one radio button from multiple radio button in gridview

If you want to placed a radio button in gridview as selecting one out of more then one radio button, so use my resources. In this resources user can select single radio button option out of multiple radio button from gridview control using by javascript. No need for define group name in radio button.

Disabling the right click on web page using javascript

This code will disable right click on page. This code will disable Copy and paste functionality of the windows. Use this code in Head tag in HTML document. With the help of this code you can prevent your web page content for copy and paste functionality. How to use the code for copy and paste disabling.

How to validate user input using JavaScript ?

In this article I have explained in detail about JavaScript validation. Most of the beginner want to know about JavaScript validation I cover all validation part in this article. In this article I separately explain JavaScript validation using ASCII Code and Regular expression like Alpha character only allowed / Alpha numeric character and email validation etc.

Google Maps using JavaScript

In this article, I will explain how to create Google Maps in JavaScript. Google Maps is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google. Find Google Maps using JavaScript. Find code for Google Maps using JavaScript. You can check out your Office Location, etc.

How to Find Vowels in a String in JavaScript

In this article, I will explain how to find Vowels in a String and how to find total number of vowels in a string in JavaScript. I have written simple script for checking vowels in a string in JavaScript. I have used regular expression. For me, a regular expression is best.

Simple Tab View with Yahoo User Interface Library

In this article, I will explain how to build a YUI TabView widget completely from script. The YUI TabView Control is designed to enable developers to create navigable tabbed views of content. This demonstrates how to build a TabView from JavaScript.

Overview - Javascript function acts as a class

This code snippets explained, How the function will act as a class in javascript. We can also define our own custom events for particular object through this class. Classes are very useful for storing many values into one object rather than creating many variables. A class holds many variables, methods, events. So using classes we can handle all the critical solution easily. Here I explained the class using one clear example.

How to check Empty field using JavaScript

This is very generic function which will check the value of control whether they are empty or not. Uses: We can use this function to define the mandatory field of your application

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