VB.NET Syntax samples and examples

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Display Logical drives information of Machine VB.NET

The following code snippets explains how to retrieve the logical drives in the system, information about the logical drives (Drive Name, Drive Type, Available Free Size, Volume Label etc.,) present in the system.

Working with FileUpload Control

This will show you how to access FileUpload properties programmatically and how to save a file selected by FileUpload control.

Execute dos command using vb.net

All the dos commands can be executed using batch file.In the code below, I have created a batch file and some dos commands are writteb in it.Later this batch file is executed using process.

ASP.NET Using VB to Open PPT file

if you need to open a ppt file thru asp.net web application using VB.NET language and The code starts the POWERPOINT.EXE process(check it in the task manager) but does not display anything. It just shows the blank aspx page. then use the following method

Alarm clock

This code shows how to create alarm clock using windows application

Usage of OrElse

Or Else evaluates to true if either of two expressions are true.

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