C# Syntax samples and examples

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Dynamic Polymorphism Example in C#

Polymorphism are of two types 1. Static or Compile Time polymorphism 2. Dynamic or Run Time polymorphism Run time Polymorphism also known as method overriding. In this type the call to a function is decided at the runtime.

Introducation to Inheritance in C#

In this article I am going to explain you in detail about the Inheritance in C#. It may be very helpful for new user. Inheritance is most useful scope of object oriented programming systems. With the help of this article user can easily use inheritance in C# ( framework) .Inheritance similar like polymorphism and other feature of OOPS.

How to get Installed Programs List.

This resource introduce how to retrive installed programes in Computer. Through this code user can retrive all software list which is installed and software's Name, Version and Publisher; Through Windows Registry. And Display details in Data Grid View in Window Application.

Multiple Main Methods in C#

From this you will know what is Multiple Main Methods in C#. C# enables to define more than one class with the Main method, and 'Main' is the entry points.

Use of SqlCommandBuilder

With the use of sqlcommandbuilder the following code helps to insert the record into gridview and once update method is called then only it insert record into table..

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