ADO.NET samples and examples Book Review

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Articles Repeater Control...?

The Repeater control is a data-bound control that uses templates to display data. This artical i'm trying to explain what is repeater control, when we use Repeater control, how to bind datasource to Repeater control and how to display the result set to Repeater control.

How to Create Sql Query Analyzer Tool in

I want to discuss an article with you regarding about how to Create the query analyzer Tool (i.e. same as Sql Query Analyzer Tool) using will briefly discuss with some snippet of code lines.

Inserting into database from C# console application

Creating the table and inserting into database by using Console application of Here I have used, System.Data.SqlClient name space. First I have created a table in data base and inserted into the database.

Encrypt or Decrypt Connection string

This code snippet shows how to encrypt or decrypt connection string section contained in the web.config file of your website. Use the "aspnet_regiis.exe" utility to encrypt or decrypt the connection string section of the web.config file.

Common Function to insert datas into Database

This resource is a common function which can be used while using 3-Tier Architecture to insert datas into database. This function can be used in common for all Insert StoredProcedures to pass values from c# code to database.

How to work with connected architecture in c#

In this we will create an application in .net using connected architecture. Using connected architecture we will show all the data in the Employee table to the datagridview on form load. We will use connected architecture.

DataRelation class

what is its use and how we can use it with an example.In this we see what is DataRelation class.

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