Technical Tips

Looking for some technical tips to make better use of your computer, accessories and your Windows? Find some cool tips on various technologies and devices.

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How To Use ShotCuts in our System

In this article i will give you some shortcut to run program,application etc. Many of the user unable to find the application or program at right time so here are the shortcuts which are run from Run Window. and Key What it Does?

Easy to Create Connection String for .Net

Our .net development.very important is connection string creation .now it will craete easy. You have use DLP(data Link properties) dialog box to save the (.udl) file

A simple way to start with N-tier architecture

I want to introduce beginners to the world of professionals. This code is very simple and shows the basic of n-tier architecture. What goes where? is the basic question when a beginner wants to start with n-tier. So here are the answers.

Tools for maintenance of windows

The steps below are provided to help ensure that your computer operates effectively and securely. You can do it by yourself, if you need more information about any of the points mentioned below, you can make a search on the internet and follow the steps. On the other hand, more detailed, assistance may be obtained by consulting a qualified computer repair professional.

How to browse the internet Anonymous

Do you know that you can browse the internet using your Favorite Browser and in Anonymous Mode. Online browsing is tracked by online tracking companies, government or your internet surface provider. Also, when you browse the internet, someone can trace your geographical location, your favorites websites through your IP address, hackers us your IP address to track your activities on the internet. Using anonymous browsing your activity on the internet will not be traced.

How to identify file extension in windows 8

Sometimes you download a file from the internet and you can't open the file because you don't know the file extension, so exploring file extension will resolve the problem. The article summarizes different steps needed to identify file extension in windows 8

Making windows PC/Laptop a Wi-Fi Hotspot

This article is about to describe, how to convert your PC/Laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. These days, most of electronic gadgets are Wi-Fi enabled. What to do if there is no any Wi-Fi hotspot near you. Why not to turn your PC/Laptop into a Hotspot. Hotspot is another name of Coverage Area of Internet Network in case of Wireless Network

How to Convert DVD to AVI with DVDFab DVD Ripper

Use our tutorial to learn how to convert DVD to AVI using DVDFab DVD Ripper. Know the steps, options and features of DVD to AVI converision that you get when using DVDFab DVD ripper for ripping your video or audio DVD.

Load Data in XML Template and Save as PDF Document using C and VB.NET

This technical tip shares code in C and VB.NET for loading data in XML template, binding that data and then converting it into pdf format.Aspose.Pdf is a .NET Pdf component to write Pdf documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports form field creation, document, text & page properties, color space, text, heading and attachment settings.

How to implement strongly typed view in MVC4.0?

We can pass data from controller to view by using various ways. Strongly typed view is one of the way through which information can be carried out. In this article, I have explained how to do implementation of strongly typed view in razor MVC4.0 application.

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