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Why to use Encapsulation?

In this article I will explain the concept of Encapsulation and how to implement it with the help of properties. It also sheds light on Why, When and How to use a property. Further It provides detailed explanation for creating a property with accessor and mutator methods and making a property read-only or write-only or read write both.

What is Data Adapter, Data Table and Data set?

In this article lets see clearly what's a data adapter(da) , what's a data table(dt) and what's a data set(ds). We may be using it in our projects but many of us wont know what's their definition.

Different types of Classes in C# .Net - With Definition and Examples

In this article, I'll explain different types of classes in C# .Net (Microsoft Tecnologies). I'll also give examples for each of the classes. It'll be useful for beginners and a good resource for interview preparation. To have a fare understanding of classes is always good for interviews and programming as well.

Insist the road to success

As long as the minimum determination and hope to achieve our goals despite attempts which may not reap the desired results will be a success is our way in the end that we will reach them do not despair just try

Difference Between Abstract Class and Interfaces

In this short article we will discuss the difference between the Abstract class and the interface, through an example. many of us get confused with the difference between the abstract class and the interface, so let us know the difference of the two through definition only.

When to use Observer Pattern

This details the definition, applicabiltiy, advantages and disadvantages of Observer Pattern. This details about when to use Observer pattern and when not to use it. The Observer is also known as Behavioural pattern. it also defined the one-to-many relationships

What are Calssic mode authentication and claim based authentication ?

In SharePoint 2010 there are mainly two types of authentication mode. Classic Mode and Claim Based authentication. There are few differences between these two authentication mode. One can be used as a windows authentication and other one can used as windows and form authentication both.

What is workflow ? How it is important in SharePoint ?

Workflow, as the name suggest is all about the flow of work. Workflow is used to reduce the business complexity and do it in much easier way. This article will tell you about workflow and importance of Workflow. Learn Workflow Manager, what is Workflow. How Workflow is very important in SharePoint?

What are HttpHandlers and HttpModules in

I always wondered what happens when a page is requested to the web server and what is the role of Http Handlers and HttpModules.So in this article I have given a small description about HttpHandlers and HttpModules and also when we can create custom handlers and modules.

Validation Controls in visual studio

In this resource i define the working of all six Validation Control of website application with an example. Example has a form of login type. All the validation controls are used upon the text box. validation controls are used on login form because many user not enter there name, or enter unmatched passwore etc.

What is SOAP ?

This definition explains basics about SOAP.It also includes addition information of support and SOAP messages.

What is ASP.NET Session-State Management & levels of configuration?

ASP.NET improves upon ASP session-state management by moving to an out-of-process model. By having all web servers in the farm pointing to a common server that hosts the out-of-process state manager, the web client can be redirected around the farm without losing the session states. By using an out-of-process model, we no longer have the problem of losing session states when the IIS process is cycled.

NET Portable Executable File

A Windows executable, EXE or DLL, must conform to a file format called the PE file format, which is a derivative of the Microsoft Common Object File Format (COFF). Both of these formats are fully specified and publicly available. The Windows OS knows how to load and execute DLLs and EXEs because it understands the format of a PE file. Given this, any compiler that wants to generate Windows executables must obey the PE/COFF specification.

What is SSL?

Here is the explanation about SSL.It also describes it sub protocols.

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