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Registry Cleaner Software

As you open a website, many pop-up windows, temp files, add-ons get activated and may damage your root files and your computer runs slow. To overcome this problem try the below free software.

Transparent Label .Net Control

This article explains how to create transparent Label controls in .NET Compact Framework, uLabelX Transparent Label Control that support border styles, Images, and parent controls with gradient backgrounds

Password Genetrator

This a small utility developed by me to generate random passwords. You can specify the length of the password, include special characters, copy passwords and much more.

CheckSum function

CHECKSUM_AGG can be used to detect changes in a table. The order of the rows in the table does not affect the result of CHECKSUM_AGG. Also, CHECKSUM_AGG functions may be used with the DISTINCT keyword and the GROUP BY clause. If one of the values in the expression list changes, the checksum of the list also generally changes. However, there is a small chance that the checksum will not change. CHECKSUM_AGG has similar functionality with other aggregate functions.

Log4Net- A Closer Look

Log4net is an open source event logging and tracing framework from the Apache Software Foundation. It is the .Net version of the Java open source project- log4j.

Fusion Charts

FusionCharts is a data visualization component for web & desktop applications. FusionCharts is an excellent option for rendering charts, gauges and maps.

Spire.XLS 5.1.6 Released!

Spire.XLS for .NET enables .NET applications to read, modify and write Excel documents without Microsoft Excel® to be installed on the Server.

TLIB Registration

Tlib registration threw Visual Studio Command window. we can not register some Unmannaged Dll or Class Library to COM for ulternate we can register tlib file. procedure has been shown below.

Microsoft pattern practices

This is link for pdf of patterns and practices recommend by microsoft. just read it and it will help u to build loosely coupled ENTERPRISE applications:

CLR profiler

That use to calculate time different between function and methods in runmode

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