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Aimersoft DVD Ripper

Tired of trying to back up your DVDs and meeting nothing but ultimate failure? Worried about wasting too much money to get nothing in the end? If that is a "Yes" coming up, then I think I can help you out here. This is a review about the Aimersoft DVD Ripper that is a solution to all your problems. So, read on and find out more about this amazing product.

iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac

iSkysoft Data Recovery is a software that helps recover corrupt files and data. Its a new product from the iSkysoft kitty and can support upto 50 file formats making it a one stop solution for your needs. Please read along to learn better about this this software.

How to create SharePoint Package

In this article i'm trying to explain how to create SharePoint Package in Visual Studio and how to create UserControls under sharePoint package and How to Create Application pages under sharePoint Package. This article will help you those who are in begining level to Implement SharePoint package.

Benefits or Advantages of OOPS Concepts

In this article I explain about what the advantage of OOPs is, First of all I present definition of OOPS like this. OOPS means Object Oriented Programming System helps to designing modular reusable software systems .OOPS maintenance by the use of encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance and information hiding.

Meaning of Identifiers

In this article I explain about what is the meaning of Identifier and how it is helpful for developer with example of code snippet .

Seven Easy Steps to Creating Computer Programming

In this article I explain about seven simple steps for creating programming in your computer. Generally we write programming per day but do you follow these steps while write program. This article may be very useful for learner and researcher

Entity Framework for .NET Architecture

Entity Framework is a concept to allow the database entitiesin the form of class files. This would avoid ground work of creating class files manually for each and every entity in the database. These entities can be further manipulated using LINQ queries. Data that are fetched would act as strong typed objects. Entity is general term can be referred as Table , View or Stored Procedure. An object in an object context of entity framework is an entity type representation of data in the data source.

How to split Disk Folders without Re-Install the System

In this article I'm trying to explain how to split the Disk folder without Re-Install PC. For this we must go to third party tool, I just try to download MiniToolPartitionWizard software to split Drivers in to no.of folders.

How to create SharePoint Site ...

In this Article I'm trying to explain how to create SharePoint site and how to add user to that site and how to remove members and Permission restriction to users etc... We must Install SharePoint in your local PC for creating sites and maitain that. Then only we are able to Create sites.

Review of DevExpress WinForms Controls

Are you looking for WinForms control libraries to improve productivity of your development team and provide a better user experience for your end-users? Read my review on DevExpress WinForms controls.

LINQPad- A tool for the automation of Linq queries

This article is related to the tool "LINQPad" which is used to create and validate the Linq queries. In this article, I will explain about- from where to download the tool, What all the options in the tool to perform the operations, How this tool is useful in creating the complex Linq queries and optimize the performance and productivity.

Export data from database to other format

in this article , I will explain about how to made a small data export tool which can easily export data from database to HTML, PDF, Excel, Word, MS Access, Clipboard, XML, DBF, SQL Script, SYLK, DIF, Text and CSV.

Guidance for Logging in Application

Logging is an important aspect of your application, a good logging strategy allows you to gain insights into how your application is functioning at runtime. At a minimum, logging can be used for exceptions, helping you to determine the root cause of the problem and giving you better insight as to how to prevent this same problem from occurring in the future.

ASP.Net MVC 4 app using Twitter Bootstrap and Entity Framework 5.0 with Visual Studio 2012 IDE

In this article, We will learn how the ASP.Net MVC application is integrated with the 3rd party tools for creating their Views. I will explain about the Twitter Bootstrap which is one of the Design utility and can be implemented in the Web pages to create the interactive Views. It usages the client side technologies like Ajax, JavaScript and CSS for making the web page more interactive in look and feel.

Creating a layered application

When we talk about application layers it is in reference to the logical grouping of functionality/components into separate layers that communicate with each other and with other applications. Layers refer to strictly the logical grouping of functionality and not their physical deployment location (tiers).

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