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Using ViewData in MVC

We all know that we can't use ViewState in MVC because of Bandwidth Consumptionproblem. We have several alternatives to maintain state in MVC, one of that is ViewData. ViewData is a dictionary; it will pass data between Controller and Views. Controller will add data to the dictionary and view reads from it. So, in this article I'm going to explain how to maintain state over the controls using ViewData with simple example.

How to create and call View in MVC

In this article I'm going to explain how to create a View and how to return the ActionResult View from Controller with small example. This article will helpful to those who are beginners to MVC.

Create a sample MVC 5 Project

Until now I didn't get a chance to improve my MVC skills, I planned to learn it by doing some samples. After Google it, I found one best Article written by ShivPrasad Koirala, he given very brief description about MVC and give some samples using MVC. In this article I'm going to explain how to create a simple Program in MVC using Controller. This article will help those who are beginners to MVC.

Autocomplete combobox using Jquery, webservice and entityFramework

This plugin has been made with intention of a reusable component. In this code-snippet we will see how to create a auto-complete type of combobox. Which fills the combobox from database by calling Web Service . Web service makes use of entity framework to fetch the data from database. It is very light weight ..and fetches data too quickly from million of records.

Scrollable GridView using JQuery

In this Artical i'm trying to explain about scrollable gridview with fixed Headers using JQuery. Why i'm introducing Fixed Headers means for reducing post back to the page and improve the performence of the page we introduce GridView with scrollable headers.

How to send confirmation after registration using Asp.Net and C#

In order to validate the email address of the user provided during registration time, a confirmation email with activation link is sent to the email address and when user clicks the activation link, his email address is verified and his account gets activated.

Speech Translation in C#

Speech Translation is used for translate text to voice. Basically speech translation is used in profile registration as like confirmation number / Enter Above Shown number, you can see beside of that speaker icon.....that nothing but a speech translation..

Read Excel Sheet Data and Display in Gridview by Using C# Coding

In these Article i'm trying to explain about "How to Read Data from Excel Sheet and Display Excel Data into Gridview by using C# Coding". And also show how to manipulate excel sheet data in gridview control by using RowEditing Event and RowUpdateing Event in Gridview.

ModalPopupExtender with Yes/ No options without postback

Recently, I faced an issue while implementing ModalPopup in my project. As per project requirements. I want to show <b>confirmation with Yes/ No</b> options instead of Ok / Cancel. So, I go with Ajax ModalPopUpExtender control, but after using when I give Yes Page gets postback. But as per requirement we don't want postback. In this article I'm trying to explain how to show popup with Yes/ No confirmation and when I press Yes/ No / close how to avoid postback.

Client server socket program for sending receiving messages

In this code snippet we will see how to work with client and server using tcp server using sockets to send message from client to server. This type of article may have been posted on many sites but i created it in Console and Windows and working fine on my controls. Now i will tell you what to do and how it works.

Multilayered Columns in Windows Applications.

I am very new to Windows Application I had given a task to create a Multi layered Column Grid . So how to achieve the task in windows application . I will discuss with Code Snippets and real time images.

Insert and Retrieve images to the Crystal Report using ASP.NET from database

In this article we will discuss that how to store values and image to SQL Database and how to retrieve the values and image from the database and show it into the crystal report using ASP.NET. This is not a complex job to insert binary value to the database and retrieve it. This was like a magic for me when I completed this task.

Programatically create multiple textboxes in windows application

In this code snippet we will see how to create TextBox Windwos controls dynamically. In code-snippet, we will see that how you can create multiple textboxes programatically in single event of Windows Forms Application. It is very simple to do this task. You just have to create simple form and set your form size and define the number of buttons that you want to add in form and click on button, textboxes will be automatically added to different positions.

How to work with SQLLite Database Using

Today, we will discuss how to establish a Connection with SqlLite Database using In this Article we will know what are the Namespaces should we we used to get SQLiteConnection and SQLiteDataAdapter Class ? How to establish a Connection with SQL-lite Database using ? How to write a inline query in for SqlLite Database ?

How to Create a Rule in SQL - SERVER DATABASE ?

Today in this Article i want to tell you what is a Rule ? How and when it is applicable to your Sql-server Database ? What is the Syntax to Create Rule or Drop Rule? How to Bind the rule to a Column i will discuss here with Code Snippets ?

Database Console Commands for SQL-SERVER

what is DBCC for sql-server ? what are the important Statements or commands that exits in this DBCC ? First of all we will know what is DBCC and where it is Useful in Sql ? and one Important thing is How to reset your Auto Increment of a column Property with this. We will discuss here with Code Snippets

Copy directories including sub folders and files inside the main directory

In this code snippet, we will take a look how you to copy the directories including sub folders and files inside the main directory from any selected directory. In the bellow mentioned code we just need select the source and destination and data will be copied to the destination location from the source specified.

How to use transaction concept in c#

In this article am going to explain what is transaction and how to implement it with an example of banking transaction concept. In this example I used windows application with access database for storing bank account numbers and balance in that accounts.

How to work with CefSharp.dll

In this Article i want to present a Dynamic Link Library (.dll ) Named called Cefsharp. How it will be useful and where it is Used. I will explain with real time scenario with snippet of Code Lines. Cefsharp is the dll which is used to embed Html in Windows Application.

How to use static keyword in C# with examples

In this article, I am going to explain the static keyword concept with examples. It covers static variable, static method, static constructor and static class. I have explained how to access static variables and static methods with in a static class.

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