SQL Server

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Microsoft SQL Server Versions and associated code names

There has been so many version of SQL Server launched till date. For most of the version one or other code name has been assigned. This article is all about the till date available code names of the various versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

Data Model used in Database

A data model is an abstraction process the hides superfluous details while highlighting details pertinent to the application at hand. a data mode is a mechanism that provides the abstraction for the database.

How to restore the backup with existing DB name?

This article will explain the step by step procedure to restore the backup file with existing DB Name and given sample TSQL scripts for every steps. Normally this steps will be used when we need a SQL job to restore DB in scheduled manner.

SSIS – Conditional Split Transformation

In this article, I create a simple ETL package that extracts data from a table and transforms the data using conditional split transformations and finally loads the result into multiple flat file destination.

How to use Coalesce in Sql server

In this article I will be explaining you about Coalesce Function in MS SQL server. The Coalesce function is one of the very useful function and using that function we can reduce the lot of ode in Sql. In this Article we will see how to use Coalesce function in MS SQL with a sample query.

How to Use Pivot Table in sql server.

In this article I will be explaining you about Pivot table. Pivot Table can make a dynamic Query using that you can do calculation. Pivot table feature in SQL is very important while making SQL server report.

How To use sub Query in sql server 2005-08

In this article I am going to explain you about sub Query. Sub Query is very useful if you wanted to do any calculation and wanted to hold sub values. We can definitely say taht sub query is one of the very important feature of sql server 2005-08.

Create Temporary cursor in MS SQL Server

In this article I am give to explain what is temporary cursor and how you can use it in a stored procedure. Temporary cursor is very useful and it is very simple. The Temporary cursor is very fast and easy and it requires very less code compared to the normal cursor.

How to write a stored procedure in sql server

A Stored procedure is nothing but a group of sql statement that performs a specific task under single Execution plan. If you want to do a same task again and again than we can create a Stored procedure.Once we create a procedure then we can reuse the code by Execute Statement.

Clustered and Non clustered index in sql server 2008

Index is a database object used to minimize the number of data comparisons. Index can be created on one or more columns in a table. There are two types of indexes in sql server. They are clustered and Nonclustered Index. Clustered index is an index that stores the actual data but Non Clustered index is a pointer to the data.

Tool for Formatting Sql Statements or TSQL

This tool will help us to format our TSQL statement many times we are spending more time to format the sql statements. Intellisense features which help us to increase code readability, finding the unused object etc. Problem and solution on Tool for Formatting Sql Statements or TSQL

Evaluate And Execute IF Statement in Formula Editor

This article will help you to evaluate if statement in your formula. So application like having formula and we want to evaluate if statement dynamically in that scenario we can use this stored procedure to evaluate if expression. This will meet your following requirement Dynamically Evaluate If or Nested If statement,Expression Evaluation Parser,Formula Editor expression execution,Execution Service for Expression

Collation in SQL Server

In this article, I have explain you about the Collation in SQL Server, Default Server Collation, Databases have a different collation to the server default, Collation for each column in my database, Change Collation of a database or a column.

Generate Scripts for database using wizard

Here i explained the way to create Script for database and it's tables using wizard. we can use SQL server 2005/2008 for it. often we need to deploy blank database to QC for testing it will take a long to genetate scripts, By using this technique we can save lot of time to writing bulky queries.

VIEW in SQL Server : A short trip

In this article, i have explain you about the VIEWs in SQL Server, it's creation, types of views exist in sql and delete existing view. Basically view are virtual table containing columns from different tables.

Indexes in sql server

This article gives the basic idea of sql indexes.It will give idea of 1) what is index 2) types of indexes 3) what is clustered index 4) what is non-clustered index 5)what is composite index 6) advantages of indexes 7)disadvantages of indexes

Query to find First and Third Saturday of a month

In this article, I am going to explain How to find number of sundays between two dates using SQL, How to find number of days in a month excluding Sundays using SQL, Get number of weekdays between two dates in SQL, Query to find First and Third Saturday of a month Query to find 100th Day of a year Which dates Saturday's and sunday's occurs in a month

Encrypt your data with SQL Server

In this article i will explain you how to Encrypt and Decrypt data with T-SQL inbuit functions. There are two inbuilt functions exist in SQL for encryption and decryption of data. This functions follows Triple DES algorithms.

Server side technologies

IN computer networking programming, we use server side technology.all banking transaction goes through server side technologies.today we will discus various server side technology and their work with different languages

Isolation Levels in Sql Server

Different Isolation levels available in SQL Server are read uncommitted, read committed, snapshot, serializable and repetable read. Out of this read committed is the default isolation level. The isolation levels define the type of locks acquired on read operations. Read uncommitted is the lowest isolation level and serializable is the highest isolation available. Learn what is meant by Isolation level?

Order of Execution of Clauses in Sql Statement.

We frequently use the SQL statements daily.But we don't the order in which the SQL statements Execute. There are different Clauses in SQL statement such as SELECT,FROM,WHERE,ORDER BY. This resource will describe what is the order of execution of these clauses. Find Order of Execution of Clauses in Sql Statement.

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