Visual Studio

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Example of multithreading in VB.NET

In this article, I am providing an example of Multithreading in VB.NET.Multithreading is basically doing multiple tasks at a time. But, in fact it is not done at a time in the processor. We get a feeling that it is done at the same time.

Sending email from an application using VB.NET

Here is a small piece of code which can be used to send an email from an application using VB.NET. You can create a new form and add 4 labels to it and 4 text boxes to it. The labels can be named as From, To, Subject and Message respectively. Corresponding text boxes are also added and kept in position. The last text box can be made multiline. (In the Properties.)

ValidatingEditor in Xtragrid in VB.NET

In this article, I will explain how to perform a ValidatingEditor in an xtragrid in VB.NET If we are having a datagrid and we are trying to edit the cells. Sometimes it occur that "Input string was not in a correct format" error with a cross symbol in the cell.

How to drag and drop multiple rows from xtragrid to xtratreelist in VB.NET?

In this article, I will show the drag and drop of multiple rows from Xtragrid to DevExpress Treelist in VB.NET. There is only a small difference between drag and drop of single and multiple rows. The multiselectmode should be made true. Mousedown, MouseMove, DragEnter, DragDrop events are mentioned here.

What is the need of Option Strict On in VB.NET ?

The advantage of using OPTION STRICT ON is that it makes the code strongly typed. So it allows implicit data conversions for widening conversions only. Thus it results in no data loss. Also, conversion between numeric types and strings are also avoided

How to convert xml file to Excel file (.xlsx)

Export data in datagrid to Excel / Convert from xml to xlsx [VB.NET]: In my earlier article, I had given the code for getting data from DevExpress Datagrid to Xml file. Now let us see how to convert the Xml file to Excel file. When the xml file is obtained, pass the xml file and the xlsx file to be created to the function XmlToExcel. If the filename already exists, it will delete the previous one. It will not give any display alerts of Excel as we have set it as false.

How to get data from DevExpress datagrid to xml file

Export data in datagrid to Xml/Excel : In this article, I will show how to get the data in a DevExpress datagrid to xml file. First of all, we need to read the data from the database and save it in a dataset, ds. Then we have to show the data in the datagrid. When we click the Export Button, the data in the datagrid is copied to an Xml file.My next article will tell you how to convert xml file to Excel file (.xlsx) file.

New features in Visual Studio 2010

In this article I am writing about couple of new features of Visual Studio 2010. The features are usefull to dvelopers yet many of the developers are not aware of such feature inclusion. This is my attempt to introduce couple of features that are useful to the developer in their day to day coding activity.

How Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition helps in team productivity?

In this article , I have demonstrated how Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition helps in team productivity? I have also included two major features of visual studio 2010 ultimate edition i.e. architecture explorer and sequence diagrams. I hope this article will help you.

Agile Software Development Methodology

In this article , Agile Software Development Methodology is explained. Agile has many advantages. Roles of scrum master and product owners have been described. I hope this article will be useful for you.

Creating Code snippet file with the shortcut in Visual Studio 2010

This article will explain about how can we create the Code snippet with its shortcuts in easy way. It will be useful for all those who mainly works on the Maintenance project where they need to add the header of the file with the explanation that when the code was written and for what purpose and who has written it with the date etc.

Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

Good news to all .Net developer, Microsoft recently announced 1 month back it's new upcoming version of .Net 2011. Currently it's developer preview version is available for developers. You can directly download visual studio 2011 from Microsoft site. Earlier it was available only for MSDN subscriber but now it is available for all developer community. Find about Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview.

Visual Studio LightSwitch or Visual Studio 2011

This resource will describe about the new development tool which is the extension of Visual Studio 2011 with lot of features as inbuilt so that the developer only need to think about the application business logic rather than thinking about the whole application architecture and design. Learn Visual Studio LightSwitch or Visual Studio 2011

Visual Studio

Latest visual studio includes , Visual Basic, C#, C++, J#, Microsoft SQL server for developers.

Key Features of Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 presents a single development environment that enables you to rapidly design, implement, build, test, and deploy various types of applications and components by using a range of programming languages.

Launch of VS2010

One of my friend has visited the mega launch by microsoft for VS2010. Some glimpse of event.

Remove Recent Projects from VS 2005 and VS2008

Hi in this article I am going to postulate how to replace the Recent Projects available in VS 2005 and VS2008 in step by step. But in VS2010 it is very easy to replace recent projects just with a matter of mouse clicks.

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