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Regarding header error in PHP

Using multiple header in php page. if header is once called from another file and is in session and ur using another \header page for error page oor not authorized page then use include function in place for calling header

SSL Certification to the Website

Friends do we know how secure we are while dealing Financial terms online. Its is common now-a-day many user perform transaction online on many website. But the truth is that many of us even do not know or do not bother about confirming our security. Today I am submitting the article, that will surely help you to identify the website security.

Identify website by name

User generally are not aware about the naming mechanism of a particular website. Why some site have suffix like .com, .net, .info., .us co.uk, .co.in. Lets check out.

Blogs - Types and Usage

Blog is writing thoughts and sharing with others on internet. The most effective tool to connect with friends and family.

IE JavaScript

Simply Superb...... .GO to this........ all you find some magic

CTE (Common Table Expression)

The CTE is one of the essential features in the sql server 2005.It just store the result as temp result set. It can be access like normal table or view. This is only up to that scope.

Create a Use-Case diagram using Rose

Creating a Use Case Diagram in Rational Rose Introduction Rational Rose is a visual modeling tool, enabling the creation, analysis, design and modification of components in a software system. This guide is intended to show you how to draw a use case diagram within Rational Rose.

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