Windows Errors

Are you facing errors on your Windows computer? Find solutions to general Windows errors and installation errors.

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Multiple selection problem in ListBox of WPF ?

In this recource , I post a solution of WPF ListBox problem while selecting multiple records by hold down control key with mouse click , which is mentioned below : Multiple selection problem in ListBox of WPF using hold down control key [CTRL]with left mouse click

Unable to debug Silverlight Application

Here we are going to see how to debug a Silverlight 4 Application in Visual Studio 2010 IDE. Some times you will not be able to debug the Silverlight Application due to some settings which are missing in the Silverlight 4 Project. Please try the following steps to resolve this issue.

Asp:CreateUserWizardStep in (The resource cannot be found error)

Here I am using asp:CreateUserWizard & asp:CreateUserWizardStep in while i run the application with Default.aspx page ,execute well. I faced the below error.(The resource cannot be found)--Requested URL: /DisplayUserName/default.aspx Just go ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool and go to Security and for Select Authentication type I hanged it to 'From the internet.

Server Error in '/' Application. Error On Staging and Production Server

Server Error in '/' Application. Error on staging and production server. This error occurs when you are using custom error page with web.config This error recognition for newbie on server.How to remove this ? Read the following article and enjoy. How to remove this headache error this is very owesome for newbie.

Error while adding Service Reference

Solution for the error "The components required to enumerate web references are not installed on this computer. Please re-install Visual studio"

Login failed for user 'MachineName\ASPNET'

If you are trying to login to a web application and getting login Failed for 'MachineName/ASPNET' error then here is a simple solution for the problem. To solve it you just need to execute code in query analyzer to add the user and grant permissions.

ACPI.sys is corrupted

When formatting the computer with Windows XP Operating system getting the error: ACPI.sys is corrupted

WCF Error - Page cannot be displayed

In this article I have explained about WCF common error and its resolution. The Type of the error is "Page Cannot be displayed". This will come when we try to browse .svc file.

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