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Image SlideShow In Ajax

Here we write a simple program of Image Slide Show In Ajax. In this program we take an Image Control (image1) and a TextBox Control (TextBox1). In this program we change the image according to the value of the TextBox. We can also set the display property none of the TextBox. Find the code for Image SlideShow In Ajax

Tips and tricks for Freshers

Tips for freshers. Nice Points for Beginners in IT field. Starting up with coding. Dos and donts for .NET aspirants. Start with coding. How to start with .net Code.

Extern "C" int __declspec(dllexport)

In this article, You will learn about extern "C" int __declspec(dllexport). with help of this article , I want to explain deeply about extern "C" directive and the __stdcall keyword

Smart Dust

SMART DUST - The Power of Pc in a Speck of Dust

Biztalk 2010 - Expose Schema as web service

In this article I will show how to expose schema as web service in BizTalk 2010 in a Step by Step manner. Before exposing schema as web service , one should know how to create a schema in Biztalk 2010 and to publish it as web service

Difference between String and string?

while writing program you may get confused sometimes when you are dealing with strings. You may have doubt whether to use string or String. So, in this article am explaining what is the difference between string and String and which is best to use and are there any problems in using both.

Secure your data with Triple DES Encryption

Data security is very crucial thing now days, hackers are always ready to dig a leak hole in your data line and grab your valuable information. This article will let teach the technique to encrypt your data and make it safe. Using Triple DES Encryption technique you can be able to encrypt/decrypt your data. The encryption is done with the help of your key.

Difference between convert.ToString() and object.ToString()

In this article I'm going to explain what is the Difference between convert.ToString() and object.ToString()? ToString is the major formatting method in .net framework. Convert.Tostring method is used to convert the spefied value to its equivalent string representaion. Object.Tostring method return string that represent the current object.

Security Configuration in

Security Configuration in In this artical i'm trying to explain about the Security concepts in Here we briefly discuss about windows Authentication , passport authentication and forma authentication.

Windows 8 App - How to Create Master Page

Hi, In this article I will explain you how to create a Master page for a simple Windows 8 app, I will create a simple Windows app with two pages ,and I will navigate between them and show you how master page is used in those two pages.

Export Database data to your Microsoft Excel

In this article I will show how to Database Server and Microsoft Excel can talk each other. There may be a scenario where you need to take a report out of bulk data from database to your excel sheet. How do you do that? , Will you manually copy and paste the content to your sheet?.

.Net Interoprability

Hi .net newbies , In this article I will explain what .Net Interoperability really means? . You would have theoretically learnt the .Net supports Interoperability feature. We know Interoperability is the ability of two systems to communicate with each other, The first system could be built on .Net framework and the other system can be of some other technology.

Windows Event Logs and Control in C#(Win) application

This article explains all about Event Logs like what is EventLog, types, where we can find logs and mainly how to create, how to handle in c#(Windows) application, information about namespace, class, methods, properties and events used to control, discussed with simple examples, finally tells about advantages and disadvantages.

The validation controls [ASP.NET 2.0]

The validation controls allow to verify the validity of a Form field either at the validation of the form or when it is being entered.A validator is a particular server control that allows you to do validating input by the user. Data validation is to check that a date is recovering well where the user must enter a date,that a number is recovering well where you must collect a number and not a string.

Control Windows Services in windows application

In this article i am trying to explain what Windows Services are and How to control those Services in windows application like start, stop, disable, getting list of all Services and their status and also discussed regarding namespace and class used to achieve these functions in windows application. I have added very simple code for explaining these things.

Sorting gridview data using JQuery.

Lets learn how to bind data from sqlserver database to gridview and how to sort the bound data using JQuery plugin called as tablesorter which provides the functionality of sorting gridview data on client side.

Object Oriented Programming Concepts - OOP Concepts

Object Oriented Programming(OOP) Concepts - Article which gives definitions for all 5 OOP concepts(5 pillars of OOP) which are essential to understand basics of any OOPL(like C#,VB.NET,JAVA,C++).Any OOPL should support these concepts.

Reading data from XML File

In my last articles, I have discussed about Reading and Writing data from Excel file to GridView and Saving to SQL Table. This article is about Reading data from XML File. We will use a XML File as our datasource on different ways.

Create and Bind Data in Excel File

In this article, I will explain how to create and Bind Data in Excel File using C#. With the help of Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel dll we can create and bind Excel file. It helps to automatically create excel data without user interference.

Call using Skype and Record the Call in Wave File using .NET

In this article, I will explain how to make a call in Skype and record the call in wave file. Using SkypeControl dll we can connect our windows application to Skype and make a call using Skype. Using Interop.SKYPE4COMlib dll helps to record the SKYPE call in wave file.

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