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Get Seleted Data From Gridview,

In This article i will give a code snippet to get seleted data from gridview on clicking a particular Row's Button ,you can get data from it. There is no checkbox used in it,instead of checkbox i used button here.and you can get data dynamically from gridview,

How to export PDF FILE by click on particular Row

In this article i will explain how to export pdf file with click on particular row's button with click on it generate a report in pdf format. First of all for export pdf file from a third party tool is required,because Dotnet don't do this directly so we use itextsharp for that.

How to open anchor tag links in a new window?

In this article, I am going to explain you how to open the anchor tag links to get opened in a new window. I will explain you the different ways to open the anchor tags in a new window. I will explain how important this method is for the bloggers and content writers.

Object Oriented Class Design Principles

In this article, I would like to discuss about some of the important Object Oriented Design Principles. I assume, many of us already worked on Object Oriented Languages like C++, Java, C# etc. Hence by knowingly or unknowingly we have used these principles. Let us see them in details here.

Exception Handlings in .net..?

In this article I'm trying to explain what are the exceptions and different types of exceptions and working with multiple catch blocks and working with try catch and finally blocks with small small examples. And discussing with User Defined exceptions and system exceptions.

Interoperability between Java and .NET(PART 1)

We will talk abour interoperability between .Net components Remoting and Java using the IIOP protocol. you can call an EJB from .Net client using the IIOP protocol.In this article we will make a presentation of IIOP.NET

Proper uses of Association Aggregation and Composition

In this article, I will explain the definition and proper use of terms Association, Aggregation and Composition of the OOPs with suitable C# code example.This article helps us to concept and process of Association Aggregation and Composition in C#.

How to make money online?

We all want to create money by e-commerce but how. So just check out this article discussing about the different ways of earning money online!

Methods in HTTP request

There are nine methods used in the HTTP requests. They are classified under two categories called safe methods and idempotent methods. Idempotent methods cause side effects on the server and Safe methods are less harmful.

How to highlight SharePoint task list using JQuery

In this post I would like to explain you to highlight the SharePoint task list using custom Jquery based task status. Find here how to highlight SharePoint task list using JQuery I hope at the end of this you will explore yourself to implementing Jquery in SharePoint.

n - Tier Architecture in

This article explains what is n- Tier Architecture ,need of n - Tier architecture. Advantages of using n - Tier architecture in .NET. Introduction on .NET architecture. Explanation of presentation layer, business layer and data access layer in n-tier architecture. Passing data from one layer to another in n-tier Architecture in .NET

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