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WCF DataContractAttribute

This article provides you an expertise over the WCF data contracts. It is defined in System.Runtime.Serilization namespace of class library. Data contracts are considered as Structural contracts because it defines the structure of data for WCF services. It allows you to decide how data should be serialized on wire. Data contracts works in WCF as the XSD works in XML word.

WCF Service Contract

Want to learn about service contracts and WCF service contracts? In this article I am going to explain about WCF Service contract in detail with complete explanation about its properties.

WCF Operation Contract

In this article I am going to explain about WCF Operation contract. It is one of the WCF contracts. The public method marked as [OperationContract] get exposed to service clients. The OperationContractAttribute belongs System.ServiceModel namespace.

Message exchange patterns in WCF

In this article I am going to explain about MEP in WCF. There are three Message exchange patterns in SOA 1. Request / Response MEP 2. One Way MEP 3. Duplex MEP The message patterns are very important for interview about WCF questions

What is WCF? How to create WCF in ASP.NET?

In this article I am going to explain about what is WCF and how to create WCF in ASP.NET basic example program. Through this article learn about WCF basic and integrate WCF services in ASP.NET .

Introduction to Web Services Part-I

This Article is about the introduction of web services and how web services came into existence, need of web services, history of web services from object oriented to common object model to distributed model and then web services describing the importance and drawbacks at each step

Using Webservice from .dll (Library)

You know about, Web Services in ASP.NET. If yes, then you must be aware of methods of accessing Web Method in another Project (windows or Web). Here is another method to Access/consume web service via a offline dll.

What are the benefits of service orientation?

Service oriented architecture gives flexibility to users and gives easy maintainance. SOA are loosely coupled in which repairing of any particular component is possible. I have gathered all benefits of service orientation in this article.

In this we see How ta handle exception in WCF using FaultContract

In this we see how WCF handles the error using the SOAP Fault contract. We will see an application that will show the steps to how to create an application that handles the exception using Fault Contract.From this you also get some idea about the ServiceContract and Operation Contract.

Difference between Bindings in WCF

Here we are going to see major differences between the different protocols that can be used with WCF. The security options provided int he protocols. the encoding supported by the protocol. WCF supports different protocols such as Http,Tcp,MSMQ, and other protocols.

Sample WCF Service Application in .NET

WCF is a Windows Communication Foundation is the latest service execution environment from Microsoft, introduced in .NET 3.0. It is a unified programing model which supports features like XML Web Services, .NET Remoting, MSMQ, and COM+ .

WCF Proxy Creation and Known Issues with Solution

When developing wcf service and creating proxy of that wcf service many users will may face some issues like Getting a common error while creating proxy or adding service reference, add service reference not working, user not able to create metadata (wsdl) so in this article we will discuss about how to create proxy and how to resolve known issues.

How to create web services in ASP.NET?

In this article I am going to explain about how to create webservices in ASP.NET and how to implement webservice in .NET. And also in this webservice article I have return bulk of data as a Class.

STEP BY STEP: Consuming Web Services through VBA (Excel or Word) - Part I

Many of you would have been comfortable by now of consuming web services from a .NET client (and that is straight forward too!!). It’s just like accessing another object sitting at your place. But consuming web services from an Excel or Word application using VBA is a different scenario all together. You would need to install something and you would need to tweak something in the code for this to work.

IEnumerable Return types in WCF

Article covers problems in using IEnumerable as return types in WCF. It covers why Interfaces are not a good choice as return types while developing interoperable WCF Services. Article explains the behavior of DataContractFormatSerializer and it's role in emitting XML which is interoperable

Usage of SvcUtil.exe command

In this article I have explained the usage of SvcUtil.exe command to create service model code. This is avalable in VS3.0 and 3.5 framework.

Use Tags to your Resource

Do you post resources, tips on DNS, then why you are least bother of adding effective tags to your post. Tags are very important to your post, lets understand and make it clear

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