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Pdf over https, pdf on https, SSL error pdf

CODE to download pdf documents over http is normal. When browsing site from https pdf download will not work and gives SSL errors though PDF will be downloaded by changing internet explorer settings document will not opened. to overcome the issue for pdf download over https binding below is the code to overcome the issue.

How to use Crud Operations in MVC4 with Ms-Access

In this Article, I am going to explain about how to use CRUD Operations in MVC4 with Pure Ms-Access. I have implemented CRUD Operations (Create,Retrieve,Update,Delete) and explain server side code for MVC4 With Pure Ms-Access . I have post source which is given below.

How to use Crud Operations in MVC4 with Linq Concept

In this Article, I am going to explain about how to use CRUD Operations in MVC4 with LINQ to SQL. I have implemented CRUD Operations (Create,Retrieve,Update,Delete) and explain server side code for MVC4 Linq to SQL . I have post source which is given below.

Dot Net 3.6 Years of Experience Interview Questions

Hai Friends, Recently i have attended one interview and i have share my interview experience very happily with you. This experience will use you for your future for many interviews. All the Best my Friends

A detailed guideline on integrating cloud-based backend to Windows app

Integrating a cloud-based backend service to Windows app opens up endless possibilities. But this involves a procedure that most of you may be unfamiliar with.This post will give you the detailed insight into how you can integrate the cloud based backend with a Windows app, and for the same, we will make use of the Azure Mobile Services.

Manipulate Bookmarks in Word Programmatically

Word bookmark is a useful tool for identifying key words, phrases and locations within a document, which provides the reader with a quick way to navigate through long documents. You may have a project that requires Microsoft Office to automatically insert, edit and remove bookmarks, and you are searching for a fast solution. Don't worry, Spire.Doc allows you to complete your application without wasting time or losing quality.

Embed an Excel worksheet in a Word document by Free API

I share a lot of documents (most are word documents and excel documents) with my clients. It makes sense to embed Excel worksheet in Word document, as which can avoid sending multiple documents. This article presents how to embed an Excel worksheet in Word document using a free library with C#.

Create a PowerPoint Document and Convert it to PDF using Free Library

As a graduate student, I was assigned to create a PowerPoint silde programmatically using C#. After several days' searching online, I found a free library to create a PowerPoint document: Free Spire.Presentation. Considering it's free and easy to use, I decided to go with it. Below you can see that how I created and manipulated a PowerPoint document.

How to Self Host a Web API Application

In this article we will see how to how to Self Host a Web API Application. We can host a WEB API in IIS/Windows applications or even a console based application. In this article we will self host the Web API application in its own host process in a console based application.

Auto backup of MySql database

This article will help you to take auto backup of MySql database on timer based. You just set the values in minutes in .ini file that you have created. Than you can change without changing the code to take a backup. Now if you want to the change the backup timing from 5 minutes instead of 1 minute just change the value in file, you are done.

Remove Duplicate Records from SQL table

This Code will help to remove duplicate records when there is not key field in the table. Either we have string data or the fields in the table can not be used to uniquely identify the data. With the help of this code one can easily delete the duplicate data without using any loop or trigger.

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