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Get Previous versions metadata in Moss 2007 using web service RPC Method

Recently I'm facing a typical issue while get the metadata of previous versions, since I'm using Moss 2007 we don't have much options to get it. So, I'm research what are all the ways to achieve this, initially I go with Versions web service but we get only few properties so skip this approach and after several researches then I come to know that we have 2 ways to achieve this in Moss 2007.

Get List Items through Recurrsive Sub-Folder in Moss 2007 using Web Services

In this article I'm going to explain how to get the files under Document Library Folders and Sub Folders, for example If the folders are Recursive then how to get the items behind it. In this article I'm going to explain clearly how to get the items in Recursive Sub folders in Moss 2007 using Web services.

Update ListItems and Check-In file in Moss 2007 using Web Services

In my project I'm facing one typical situation, while download the file few of the files are Checked out status, we can't download the file if the status is in Check-out, so I thought to Check-In files before download it, but it's not possible to check-In bulk of files with in fraction of seconds, So I decided to Check-In all the files through code.

Read and Write Excel in C#

In this article I'm going to explain how to read and write data from Excel file with cell by cell. Recently I'm in a situation to update or modify the data in each cell. If I go with Excel there is no option to update the data cell wise but when we go with Excel we can read / write / update data cell by cell, but coming back to performance it's little bit down as compare with Csv but in a situation to read / write/ update cell information Excel is the best option.

Read and Write CSV in C#

In this article I'm going to explain how to read and write data from Csv file with row by row. Recently I'm in a situation to read inputs from Csv file and write data into Csv with row wise. I'm little bit confused about the approach either we have to go with Csv or excel, I implemented in both the ways but coming to performance as compare to Excel, Csv give better performance. In this article I will show you how to handle Csv file using C#.

Data Operations Tool : Logmatic.io features and review

Searching for an intelligent Operations Data Platform? Here we are taking a look at Logmatic.io, a cloud based solution for log analyzing, pattern generation, events management and a lot more. Read our article to see what all features come with this tool and if it fulfills the requirements of your project.

The best strategy to Keep Disk Space Free on Your Windows System

Windows PC structures are stunning machines with respect to masterminding regular work aside from the fly in the treatment swings up to be the situation when your system miss the mark on plate space memory. We ought to discuss two or three dares to keep your structure's plate space free from messed and confused data. Endeavor to delete pointless data from your system or take fortification on external drives. Support data on the Cloud: Cloud organizations offer a broad assortment of contrasting opti

How to work with PDF font and text in C#

This article will explain how to work with PDF font and text using C#, such as embed TTF font, get the font information of text, create text with multiple font styles, extract text, find and highlight text and get the coordinate of text in PDF.

How to Convert JPG to Word File

Every time my boss gets a JPEG image of a document, he immediately refers it to me because he hates performing repetitive task. Anyone with knowledge of typing countless of pages of documents and a deadline on his/her head will pretty much agree with me that the release of the JPG to Word Converter came as a huge sigh of relief to us. With the JPG to Word Converter it is actually possible to digitize a JPEG image into an editable document for your personal use.

SilverPop Integration

SilverPop is a third party emailing tool which is not only provide the facility to prepare the email templates which needs to be used in sending an email as well as it provides the support for campaign management through various things.

How to Avoid Re-Submitting Data on Page Refresh?

In this article. I will explain how to prevent re-submitting data on browser page reload or refresh in your asp.Net webform using C#. Sometimes we have some web pages through which we submit some user data to the database one after another on the same page. But the problem is, when we submit one user data and then refresh/reload our browser, what happens? The previously submitted data is re-submitted to the database. Here i am going to tell you how to prevent that.

How to Check an Integer using TryParse in C#?

Here I will explain how to check whether a string is containing only with integer type or not. In many cases we need to determine whether an user inputted text in TextBox or something else is integer or not. With the TryParse method we can easily determine it.

C# Programs to perform basic arithmetic operations

The basic arithmetic operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Here are the C# programs which can be used to perform the basic arithmetic operations on two numbers belonging to 'int' datatype.

How to Merge and Split Word Documents in C#

This article is aimed to introduce a simple solution to merge a part of/whole word documents into a single document along with split a word document into separate documents by section and page break in C#.

Creating Report Using Spire Doc

This article demonstrate how to create report document using spire doc,This article specially demonstrate how to use table in spire.Doc build a report.In this illustration i have displayed list of students and their details like , class, section, number etc. in the tabular format.

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