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Bulk Update SharePoint List using DataSheetView in SharePoint2010

Recently I have faced one problem, In my project we are changed the status from x to y, In coding side we did all changes but for existing records we need to update the status for all the records. In that scenario we approach this method. In this article I'm trying to explain how to update multiple records in SharePoint 2010. In some cases we need to mass update bulk of records in that case using <b>DatasheetView</b> we can achieve this.

How to create SharePoint Package

In this article i'm trying to explain how to create SharePoint Package in Visual Studio and how to create UserControls under sharePoint package and How to Create Application pages under sharePoint Package. This article will help you those who are in begining level to Implement SharePoint package.

Seven Easy Steps to Creating Computer Programming

In this article I explain about seven simple steps for creating programming in your computer. Generally we write programming per day but do you follow these steps while write program. This article may be very useful for learner and researcher

How to split Disk Folders without Re-Install the System

In this article I'm trying to explain how to split the Disk folder without Re-Install PC. For this we must go to third party tool, I just try to download MiniToolPartitionWizard software to split Drivers in to no.of folders.

LINQPad- A tool for the automation of Linq queries

This article is related to the tool "LINQPad" which is used to create and validate the Linq queries. In this article, I will explain about- from where to download the tool, What all the options in the tool to perform the operations, How this tool is useful in creating the complex Linq queries and optimize the performance and productivity.

Digital Clock with Alarm ( runs .wav extension songs)

This clock appears on the top right side of our computer screen. We can set alarm tone of our choice in it but it should have .wav extension only. Learn Digital Clock with Alarm ( runs .wav extension songs) It will play the song at the set time but the program should be on running mode or the setup of the program should be installed in your PC.

RapidSpell Silverlight

Add spell checking to any Silverlight v3, v4 or Windows Phone application. Designed to have a minimal foot-print, uncompressed, the DLL and English dictionary total only 570KB. Included are 5 English dictionary variations, Medical and non-English dictionaries are also available.

RapidSpell WPF

Integrate spell checking into any WPF application. RapidSpell WPF can also be used in non GUI contexts using it's spell checking API. Written for WPF in C#, RapidSpell offers 5 English dictionary variations, Medical and non-English dictionaries are also available...

Email Validator

ASP.Net Email Validator finds invalid email addresses without actually sending an email, in your mailing list or in your website form! ASP.Net Email Validator will make sure you keep valid email addresses of your customers and stay connected! ASP.Net Email Validator is highly scalable email Validator solution. Capable of handling large volumes of addresses and it can be easily integrated into your website to check addresses on-the-fly!


Social email application

Registry Cleaner Software

As you open a website, many pop-up windows, temp files, add-ons get activated and may damage your root files and your computer runs slow. To overcome this problem try the below free software.

Password Genetrator

This a small utility developed by me to generate random passwords. You can specify the length of the password, include special characters, copy passwords and much more.

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