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Benefits or Advantages of OOPS Concepts

In this article I explain about what the advantage of OOPs is, First of all I present definition of OOPS like this. OOPS means Object Oriented Programming System helps to designing modular reusable software systems .OOPS maintenance by the use of encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance and information hiding.

ASP.Net MVC 4 app using Twitter Bootstrap and Entity Framework 5.0 with Visual Studio 2012 IDE

In this article, We will learn how the ASP.Net MVC application is integrated with the 3rd party tools for creating their Views. I will explain about the Twitter Bootstrap which is one of the Design utility and can be implemented in the Web pages to create the interactive Views. It usages the client side technologies like Ajax, JavaScript and CSS for making the web page more interactive in look and feel.

How to fetch and process the data recorded in Bio-Metric devices using .Net ?

Now a days Bio-Metric technology plays a pivotal Role in Software Industry.Bio-Metric devices Used as a Security for a company, Company Time attendance Management and Govt. Subsidiary schemes.Generally the Company will Provide a software/sample written code/SDK that is mainly sample written code in (VB/C++/VC++). For.Net Coders How to integrate these devices and program by using .net windows Application?. This is the one I want to discuss in this article.

How to convert video format files and capture multiple images from a video in .NET

Today I want to discuss an article in which this software application can be useful for many users i.e converting video formats and capture images from a video without actually downloading an MBs or GBs of software. Some users faces are with question marks or exclamatory marks thinking that is it really possible? For all those who put this exclamation or question marks in their faces my answer is yes for that. This is the article I want to discuss and share with all of you with snippet of code lines.

Connect Social Networks

Objective is to collect all notifications from different websites are collected in single web application. Hence user can able to view respective things in single place instead of login into each and every sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.,

Windows Service for taking screenshots

This is a windows service which takes screenshots at a specific interval. This might be useful to monitor the activities of the user. This will be helful toapplication servers. This is created using C# .NET

Ninject - Open Source Dependency Injector for .Net

Ninject is a lightweight dependency injection framework for .NET applications. It is one of the several Inversion od Control(loc) containers available for .Net. It helps us to split our application into a collection of loosely-coupled,highly cohesive pieces and then glue them back together in a flexible manner. It makes our code easier to write, reuse, test and modify.

KUpload+ file upload component

KUpload+ is an ASP.Net File Upload component with Pure HTML Progress bar. KUpload+ allows great control over the upload of huge files (Up to Virtually Unlimited) from client browser to web server through HTTP. It has real time progress bar which keeps track of every file upload and allows you to watch how much of your file has been uploaded. email validator

ASP.Net Email Validator finds invalid email addresses without actually sending an email, in your mailing list or in your website form ! Email Validator 2.1 supports .net 4.0 and VS 2010. Email Validator verify invalid email addresses.

Easy Website building

In this resource i would like to explain the easy way of building a website. Those who wants to build websites instantly and easily they can go for this approach.They have built-in controls which you can easy drag and drop in your site and use it.

Visual Studio Fast Development

Hi Visual studio will have default templates for cretain functionality in .net. Ex: adding try catch, Adding Region, Adding for loop... How can we get this templates in Visaul studio. Open your application in Visaul studio. Go to .cs file. Let's say if you want to add for loop here. press Ctrl K X. You will get different options , select Visaul studio. The you can select for. You will get for loop logic.

Auto mapper - object to object mapper

AutoMapper is a great utility helps developers to map their two different objects with same properties in it. It can work with any number of child node in it at any level. A big tree of object can be converted into another type of same tree structure in a single method call.

Microsoft Ajax Minifier

MSBuild task that can be used to minify the size of your javascript and css file by minifying and combining them into a single file on your Continuous integration build. Ajax Minifier is a Microsoft program which mifys js and css files. Minification is the process of reducing the size of a CSS or JS file by removing whitespaces, comments and other optimization. This is a free tool and it can be used in command line or MSBuild tasks.

Ajax Progressbar

AJAX Progressbar Control is new AJAX based Progress bar for KUpload+ 2.0 which takes full advantage of AJAX and the new features of Microsoft's next-generation IDE - Visual Studio .NET 2005. It also allows developers to enjoy significant productivity gains, while delivering feature-rich, standards-compliant and cross-browser compatible web applications.

Microsoft pattern practices

This is link for pdf of patterns and practices recommend by microsoft. just read it and it will help u to build loosely coupled ENTERPRISE applications:

Latest versions of Quality tools:

Latest versions of Quality tools: Sandcastle 2.4, Released May 2008 Sandcastle Help File Builder (GUI) - 1.8 Beta May 2009 FxCop 1.36 RTM Style Cop Xenu 1.3c from April 25th, 2009 CAT.NET Beta SQL Cop W3C Validator Version of the tool 0.8.5

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