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What is oracle Data Guard ?

We all hear about Database protection in huge databases like Oracle and others. Lets understand and see how the Oracle Data Guard helps what it is and how it benefit us. Its been used in big organisation which stores lot of information and data on their Databases.

How to use the Set Command in VBA?

In this Article, I present to you Set command of VBA. Lets learn How to write and how set Command is useful for Excel application development. With the help of Set command we can access the data from the excel database. It may be helpful for Excel application developer.

How to generate insert statement for existing data in SQL Server Management studio?

In this article I have explained about how to create insert statement for previously stored data in the SQL Server Database table. Here I used SSMS Tools pack (SSMS tools pack is a add-in for SQL Server management studio). For example we have one table in the database with several data we need to move that table data in to another system SQL Server database same structured table.

Some of the comparision between Sql Server and Oracle

In the below description it gives some of the comparision between oracle and Sql Server and their usage with some sample example by comparing the Sql Server with Oracle queries. And by knowing this you can select which database will suit for your project.

CheckSum function

CHECKSUM_AGG can be used to detect changes in a table. The order of the rows in the table does not affect the result of CHECKSUM_AGG. Also, CHECKSUM_AGG functions may be used with the DISTINCT keyword and the GROUP BY clause. If one of the values in the expression list changes, the checksum of the list also generally changes. However, there is a small chance that the checksum will not change. CHECKSUM_AGG has similar functionality with other aggregate functions.

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