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Is your mobile phone user friendly?

Purchasing mobile phones is not the problem but how to understand and use it features really matter. People get it wrong about the usage of any phone and it become a trouble to them. This resource seek to educate the members and visitors on this site briefly about the use of phones which include its applications.

Creating Custom Type Convertors in Silverlight

In this Article we are going to look at Type Convertors and how to translate one CLR type to another. Type Converters are used to convert one .NET Framework CLR type to another type. In silverlight, in a XAML, Type converters are used to convert string representation such as "Test" into their equivalent .NET CLR objects.

How to create SubDirectory

In my previous articles I try to explain how to create Directories and how to get files information etc.. Now, I'm trying to explain how to create Sub Directory under Directory. During this we learn how to create a sub directory in our system, this will help you for beginners those who are new to this.

Copying a Directory and Files

In this article I'm trying to explain how to copy Directory information from one path to another path and how to copy files from one directory to another directory. This will help you those who are beginners to perform this action.

Create a Directory in our System

In my previous article I'm trying to explain how to show directory information in to our application. Now, I'm trying to explain how to create a new Directory in to our system and how to show the message if directory has been already exists. Hope this article will help you those who are new to perform this.

List of Country to fill DropDownList

I am posting a List of all country for DropDownlist in .Net. Often developer need this kind of List to fullfill dropdownlist. so just ctrl+c & ctrl+v and enjoy. this list contains almost all country form A to Z. i have also attach a file which contain same list.

How to add items of array to combobox using c#?

This sample code is developed to add items of array to combobox. Code is in C# whereas application is windows based. Properties of combobox can be set by using this code snippet which demonstrates the AddRange method.

Show or Hide IFrame in page using javascript

In this Code Snippet we are going to see how to show or hide an IFrame content in web page using javascript code. Here we are showing the IFrame in a div tag. Initially the div tag is not displaying by setting its display property to none. on button click if the div tag is invisible, we are making it visible by setting its display property to block and Visibility property to visible.

Use VBA to a create an If Statement in Excel

In this article, I try to present the VBA code to Excel If statement. The "if" statement is very useful to create and comparing the condition of situation. VBA help us to develop then condition procedure for the "if" statement. If statement helps to clearing the doubt in conditional operation.

Compress and Extract a Zip File

In this article, I will explain how to Compress a Folder into zip file and extract a Zip File into folder using third party dlls such as zip.exe and ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll. zip.exe is used to compress a folder. ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll is used to extract a zip file

How to view HTML source of any webpage using

This code will provide you HTML source of any webpage. You can parse it as per your requirement. GET method is used to retrieve information which is identified by the Request URI. I hope it will be useful for you all.

How to insert new record in database using c#?

You can create new user and password with this code. Credentials will be set for users. You can use this code in role based projects. You can add many users by placing this code in for-loop or calling this method multiple times. I hope it will be useful for you all.

How to create XML file with dynamic data using C#?

There is a sample code to create XML file with dynamic data. Code has been developed in C# whereas application is windows based. Scenario is used for businessrule but you can use this for any other approaches also.

How to save datatable as a .csv file?

Code is written in C# and application is windows based application. You can create a class library and put this code snippet in to it and call whenever it is required. .CSV is a comma seperated file.

Delete Lists and items from SharePoint site using CAML Query.

CAML stands for Collaborative Markup Language. CAML is used to query from SharePoint server. This is an old approach to query from server as LINQ has replace the CAML. Any way it is important to be familiar with CAML and LINQ both. In this article I will explain about CQML query. The query is about to delete the list and items.

Retrieve query string values iin SHarePoint event receiver

This post will helpful to manipulate SharePoint list item based on query string value in events such us item adding, item deleting and item updating. Also you can learn how to cancel the item adding/deleting/updating to SharePoint list using custom event receiver.

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