Active Directory samples and examples

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How to Create a File in Directory

In my previous post i try to explain how to create a directory and how to get directory files and display into our system. Now, i try to explain how to create a file in a directory using, this article will help you for beginners and those who are beginners to perform this task.

How to Reading and Appending Text to a file in

In this article I'm trying to explain how to read file data and how to append text to that file using Here, we just give a file name based on that file name it will fetch total server path and get the data in that file and displayed that into our application. This article will help you for beginners those who are perform the same task.

How to Retrieving Details of a file in

In this article I'm trying to explain how to retrieve details of a file using code. Here, we just enter path of that file based on that path if file is exists then it will display the details of that file. This article will help you for fresher as well as for beginners.

Viewing SubDirectories of a Directory

In this article I'm trying to explain how to view sub directories based on root directory. In my previous articles I'm trying to explain how to view the files in a directory and how to copy files from one directory to another etc.. but now I'm trying to explain how to view sub directories available under root directory. This article will help you especially for fresher's and those who are new to this concept.

Code to load latest Jquery

Code to load latest Jquery in your html file. Using this reference you can use the latest Jquery in your application. Also you can download the file by entering the URL in your browser and add reference in HTML

Code to make CSS function only in Specific browser

In this article, we can know how to write browser specific CSS and applying styles for it. These hacks will be useful for browser specific hacks. Will usefull for designers for designing based on different browsers

Session Prompt for alerting user

Alerting the user when the session is expired and if you want to continue the session press yes and the same session will be extend, if you press no then the session will be cleared and redirect to page you want

Find and delete a specific row from datatable

If you want to delete specific, multiple or single row delete from data table using by specific condition. Try to below code. You can delete multiple or single row from data table. There is many ways to delete rows from data table. Try Below code.

C# - Press Enter Key to move to next control on a Windows Form

Many times while working on Windoes forms we get into situation where we want to move to controls using ENTER key. To make it simple below is the detailed code. its very simple 1. Select the Form where this needs to be applied. 2. Set the Forms Key Preview Event. 3. Write the Keydown even for the Form. 4. Set the Code to fire the Tab control.

Active Directory (AD) and Microsoft .Net Technology

This article will talk about the Active Directory and its relation with the Microsoft .Net technology. In the article, we will see by using the Microsoft .Net how can we communicate with the system's Active Directory- like retrieving the user information, saving the user related data to the Active Directory, accessing the system components etc.

Using MERGE Command in Stored Procedure

MERGE command is introduced in SQL Server 2008. It is a combination of INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE command. Generally it checks if a record is present in the table, if yes then it updates/deletes the record or else it inserts new record. This code snippet is for using the MERGE command in sql stored procedure.

How to use aggregate function MAX in c#?

If you want to put some criteria on columns and retrieve values from it, then you can use aggregate functions. Calculations , computation part is easy with aggregate functions. I hope it will be useful for you all.

Convert ArrayList to DataTable in C#

How to Convert ArrayList to DataTable in C#. Below is the code snippet to demonstrate how to transfer the data from ArrayList to DataTable in C#. For Example I have one ArrayList and added the Items to arrayList, If I want to send the data from ArrayList to DataTable, below is the solution for that.

How to read DataReader Columns by their names?

This code snippet will help you to read a value in a column by its name.ADO.NET exposes methods to read the values by their position only. It is uses extension methods of the .NET framework to attach these additional methods to instance of the data reader object. Once the code (described in Description section) is implemented the data reader gets the additional methods of the format GetXxxx (columnName), where Xxxx is name of a simple type in Framework like string, int, long etc.

LDAP Authentication with only User Name in Windows Application

Authenticate windows logged in user with LDAP Directory without passing password. It will use for some of the forms in application by passing only USername and authenticate it where password is not possible to get or don't want to provide Login screen.

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