SQL Schema samples and examples

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Few Global Variables,Functions And Queries In SQL.

This article explains few global variables and functions like @@ROWCOUNT, SCOPE_IDENTITY, DBCC CHECKIDENT, IDENTITY_INSERT and few queries to retrieve any keywords, all the tables or stored proc used in a database.

Few SQL Server Concepts And Queries

This Article describes about few Few Sql Server Concepts like SQL Transaction like COMMIT TRANSACTION,ROLLBACK,SAVEPOINT,@@TRANCOUNT,etc. AS well as Exception And Error Handling in SQL Transactions, CHUNK in SQL Server.

Information Schema regarding a Database table and Database Using sql querys

In this Article i will discuss how to get structure(Schema) of a table through sql query that Schema Information includes Columns,Datatypes,size/Precision relationships and structure of a Database includes size ,owner ,status , compatibility level , constraints and Views that exists in the Database with code snippets and real time images.

How to set Identity Increment ON/OFF in SQL

In this artical i'm trying to explain how to fix identity value how to change the identity value and how to update that value with proper order using Identity column on / off. Here i provide one simple example go through that example and check how it's working.

Compare two database schema in two different server

This article explains about comparison between two database schema in two different server. While updates in live server, we are able to get all the scripts of stored procedures and execute directly to the server. At the same it will not possible to execute the table scripts because it may have lot of real time data. So confusions occur while updating our table structure changes to live server. I have found a good and easiest solution to upgrade our table structures to live server.

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