Html samples and examples

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Create, Fetch and Delete Cookies using Javascript

In this article, I will explain how to Create, Fetch and Delete cookies using javascript. Cookies are small information can be stored in browsers and easily fetch and delete these cookies. Here i used three functions getcookie, setCookie and eraseCookie functions corresponding to create, retrieve or delete cookie.

Play and stop music in HTML using jPlayer

In this article, I had explained how to play and stop mp3 music using player. I used three javascript files two (jquery.jplayer.min.js, jquery.min.js) for jplayer and one (code.js) contains javascript code to play or stop the music.

How to use Marquee Tag in an HTML Web Page.

Marquee Tag is used to create a moving text or image on your web page like the one seen on TV news scrolling. The <marquee> and </marquee> tags are used for this effect.You can also use some java script code to change the effects of this moving text or image.

How to use Canvas in HTML5?

In this article, I am explaining how to use canvas tag in HTML5.Canvas is new element in HTML5.Canvas tag is used to draw graphics,rectangles,circles,cross lines,multicolor texts,Gradients,Via scripting (usually JavaScript)..Before HTML we can not draw the circles,cross lines and graphics.

Add RSS Feed in website

In this article, I will explain how to add RSS feed in website using generated code from the website Generated code from helps to automatically add feeds from corresponding website.

How to add background music in HTML

In this article, I will explain how to add background music in HTML File with the help of embed tag and repeatation of music at the background. It is used to play the music automatically by setting autostart attribute to true of embed tag. Play button is hidden using hidden attribute to hide the control so that the music control can be hidden from the user. It enables to repeat the music by setting the loop value to true.

Responsive CSS: A better approach on layout design

Resizing web application based on browser window: A better approach to adjust the application proportional to browser window using Responsive CSS. Here we will create a sample web page and make the webpage to re-size according to browser window and make it browser independent.

How to apply cellspacing for HTML table?

In this article i would like to explain what is cellspacing in HTML. I also explain with an example on how to create a table with cell spacing and without cellspacing. And also attached screen shots for different out puts.

"Follow me on Buzz" button code

Using this code you can create "Follow me on Buzz" button on you website / blog and allow your reader's to follow you on Buzz.

"Buzz this page" button code

Using this code you can create "Buzz this page" button on you website / blog and allow your reader's to Buzz it.

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